First time Mass in phillippines


So if you read my past blog about making life long friends then you will be able to know what am about to blog.

We met a friend while walking through the mall.
She invited us to Aliw theatre to join her at what they call the feast.

So the kids and I decided to honor that invite. So we went and we so much enjoyed the session. It’s a Catholic service. But trust me it felt like we are at a gospel concert. The energy and vibe and music was just right.

The 2 hour session went by so fast we asked wlif it was already over. Lol!!!

With our travels we are learning to worship with anyone who invites us regardless of the label they have being Christian,  Hindu,  Muslim  ect. We respect every single path people choose to communicate with our Creator (our Creator of the universe and us all). Respect that what we give.

So we had such an awesome morning. After we went to have lunch together with Jenneth and Len. Fantastic people.

Some pictures of us below…






Our kids also made a life long friend Angelica and AJ



Friends all around the globe….


Lunch with awesome people…


Having a great time..


Mj and his new friends…


Girls and their new friend…


You will think we knew each long time ago…only to find out we just met 2 days ago…that’s how you share love…life long friends are an awesome way to connect with others.


Not sure why we are all laughing but the picture tell you we are at a great place…

Great day

Phillippines exploration continues

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