When the Journey begins…

A 40 Yr old African Amercian who decided that he will retire from his profession as a chiropractor after working  in Ghana for 15yrs to start a journey with his Ghanaian  wife and 5 young Children.

We are travelling around the world to show our kids that the world is big enough for all of us to live in. We are going to each country and dive into the culture of that country and learn to live in that country like the locals.

In each country we will stay there for 3  months and we will make life long friends, create new contacts and explore that country.  This journey is for 5 yrs. After the 5 yrs our 2 older kids will be in college and we would have accomplished our goals of showing them the world.

On this journey we are also Homeschooling our kids and doing lots of activites in each country.

We hope to inspire young families with our journey and adventures .


Let the Journey continue on….


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