As I am posting this page today…Marcus and I have been married for 14yrs. And if there was one thing I would share with most couples it will be make sure to create an agreed Date nite.

A night that you get dressed up and the whole evening you focus on each other. Cuddling and just talking about life and your marriage.

Most people say..”oh we have kids and we don’t have time for going out” Well if you don’t work on your marriage you will forget that you have a partner in this union.

My husband and I set a date night about 4yrs into our marriage. And it has worked for the past 11yrs.

Now remember the date night can be changed if there is an event that requires him to be in a meeting or when he travels. It’s better to set rules and create a routine  that you can make changes to once in a while.

I get excited every week knowing that after all the days we spent together with our family we will have one night out of the 7days in a week, We will have 1 day to be out all dressed up and cuddling and just loving on each other.

Here are just a few pictures of our date nights….

date 9 date6 date 1 date 3 date 2


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