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Destiny Alberta Adjoa Manns


Hello ,

Welcome to my personel page here I will share all about my personel view on our families five year journey .

I am 13 years old, the oldest of my three sisters and one brother . I’m in 8th grade going on 9th. I love baking, water sports and  animals . I have a black  belt in shotokan karate.

I am also a junior life saver and trained in CPR.

I love trying new dishes in each country. Cape Town was my absolute favourite. Probably until we get to  Bangkok…

I love being the oldest because I get to be the one in charge when my parents are out.

We are in Nairobi now and my sisters and I will be playing in the millionaire tournament starting tomorrow and am super excited to be given the opportunity to play chess on a large platform.

Also my sisters and I started teaching chess to the kids in our apartment complex and it’s really rewarding to be teaching what I have learned.

Am trying to do a handstand….just started gymnastics….will blog a picture once I accomplish that.

Well that’s all about me

Will be back soon

Our Beautiful girls



Welcome to our Blog

Travelling around the world as kids is so much fun. we are grateful for our parents to do this for us.

hope to share more on our Journey with you