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Christmas with the Manns


Another year with families…so much fun always being with family. We had such an amazing Christmas holidays and so grateful for our lives. Happy holidays from our home to yours Happy holidays from our family to yours… Bassett Exploration Continues


The spirit of givingthis holidays


So each year our family make it a point to give. And designate each kid to organize and get us to go and give… Last year we went around our neighborhood and gave out gifts to our neighbours which sure made their holidays. This year we decided to go to the Stanleytown rehabilitation center. And it was really exciting to see the smiles and all the love around us. We had so much fun just giving and sharing love. Here are a few pictures. So grateful to be able to teach our kids the spirit of giving and sharing love… Bassett Exploration Continues

Our new Baby


Meet our newest baby… Dior Adjoa Manns.. So we have talked about getting a puppy to travel with us…as we start our usa tour… and many times we can’t come to agreement as to what type of puppy we wanted. We know we have to have an hypoallergenic puppy since our daughter Destiny has allergies and we did not want a puppy that sheds. Well seem like the universe heard our request and brought us the perfect puppy… Dior is our baby and she happens to be born on the same day as my birthday… Yeap…she and I will have birthday bash. Dior is 8months old and weighs 13lbs and she got some personality. And she came potty trained. She us absolutely adorable addition to our clan. Here are a few pictures of Dior… Welcome Dior…we will love you always… And merry Christmas everyone…. Bassett Exploration Continues

Our first country side Christmas Parade in Bassett


Today was awesome as our family got to see our first Christmas parade in Bassett.

The same time they had a sales of homemade pound cakes and other items for sale at the old train station.

It was really a memorable day.

The parade was filled with lots of antique cars and lots of candies…

And what seem funny was we where standing with one of Marcus uncle and everyone who passed through seem like they knew us….that’s what I call family…

The parade started at 2pm and finished at 2:38pm… it was a bit cold but it was fun and exciting for kids and I…Marcus has probably seen this many times since he is from bassett.

Here are a few pictures of our day

Another memorable day….

Virginia Exploration Continues