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Christmas in the Country side 


Christmas is always an extra special day for our family since we get to visit Marcus parents and all the family in Bassett. 

Here are a few pictures of our holidays 

Mema helping her baby girl open up presents..

Time to open up gifts…boxes piled up..

Gift from Papa to his grandkids..

Father and daughter moment 


Fur man

Happy holidays 

Mother and son 

Father and son

5 kids…blessed 

Like father like son 

Country life 


Lol…buddies for life 

Our clan 

Oldest and daddy

A night with our beautiful neighbour 

It’s a night with lights with our neighbors 

Such a beautiful site to see…

Mother and kids…

The clan 

Such a beautiful Christmas celebration…
Virginia Exploration Continues….


Manns Christmas GiveAway


This Christmas we started a new trend…after many debuts and thinking we all agreed on something.  Our kids came up with the idea of going from door to door in our neighborhood to give away gifts that they bagged. We all contributed including the kids with our Christmas money to share the joy around our area. 

So kids decided to buy loads of apples and some ribbons and bags to out apples and oranges inside and then on Christmas day go around the neighborhood and give them to our neighbors while they sing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year” and everyone was so excited that the kids are doing this on Christmas day as a way of learning the art of sharing and the joy that comes with this act. 

Here are a few pictures of our day 

Ready for delievery…kids got a 4 wheeler from their grandparents as a Christmas gift so that’s what they Driver around to deliver the gift bags. You see at the back they have the gift bags inside the yellow barrow.

Riding to the 3rd house now…

The gift of giving is love and laughter..

Knocking on doors…

And they got to sing for our neighbors 

2 Kids are riding bikes while the others ride the 4 wheeler 

My offspring….

Love this season….
Virginia Exploration Continues….

When the locks got cut off 


​So my 7yr old got a deal and he took that deal…we had to cut his locks…he loved it and enjoyed his locks for a long time. But it was hard to maintain and he had to sit for hours and in pain if and when we pay $40 in other countries to get it done. So on December 21st we decided it’s time but we made sure to get his contribution on the matter… so with the help of his grandparents making some deals with him where he got some shopping money he agreed to cut the locks…. so you see if this photos each family member gets to cut a lock off. It started with him first and everyone in the family got to cut one for him. And then his mema finished it off… in the subsequent pictures you see he got a hair cut with his dad and you can just see the excitement in his face it’s priceless. He is just loving the hair….now what next…?? Happy Holidays with the new look

We also explained to him that his hair does not define who he is….it’s freedom to be able to cut your hair and not be attached to the hair. We told him if he want the locks back he can always grow it back but then we have to commit to do it right. Since this one really was a mistake that turned into locks. 

He spent the whole 1hour after the hair cut in the mirror in the bathroom playing with it…and saying now I see why you said I should cut it….it really looks good mommy and I love it. 

Here are all his most recent pictures…. 

We allowed him to cut the first one…

Then his daddy 

Then his Papa….

And we all got a chance to cut his locks…after we allowed his mema to cut the rest and finish the process…

Half way there…he had about 72 locks….

And all gone…

And he got a professional to put the art of work on his head….like father like son. 

He was really happy with the results and smiles all night… 
Virginia Exploration Continues…

Adios Medellin…hello Virginia 


Yes it has been 2 months since we moved again…time to have some holiday season with are super excited they are going home to their mema and Papa.  

Such a blessing this year has we have been able to travel around South America…

Recap of our 2016

Rio carnival in Brazil

Argentina experience uguasi falls

Peru machu pitchu

Bahia beach town 

Rio Olympics 2016 brazil watching Usain bold run again

Medellin colombia 

All this we have made awesome friends that will always be a part of the Manns clan. 

At the airport waiting to board our flight to maimi to start our journey back to Virginia. 

At the airport in medellin

I got a little cuddle before I left…Marcus will stay for a couple more days in medellin

Family in medellin heading to Virginia 

Our van that took us with our 15 bags 

We will miss the view and this beautiful apartment 

15 bags….yeap..all cloths and a few gifts…skate boards and scuba diving stuff…

Thank you Medellin for your love…
ColombianExploration Ends…

Year 3 will start in February 2017…

Christmas light walk in Medellin


Enjoying medellin with our new LLF’S. Today we got invited by our kids Spanish teacher to his home. His wife made us this amazing pancake with all sorts of tasty filling. 

After they drove us to the medellin light display in Parque Norte which was super packed with lots of people and the lights where amazing. this Colombians don’t play with their Christmas lights… 

Beautiful city and beautiful people in medellin. 

Assorted pancake by our host…

Our amazing host and his wife….

About last night light show…

With our new LLF’S 

IMAHKUS with one of her Spanish teachers Olga…

He found his one of his favorite toy

That’s what he wore for Halloween….he was so excited 

My hubby and l just posing 

The lady was fascinated about Marcus hat…that’s the one she is wearing 

My cutie pie

Medellin Paisa’s love Christmas and lights

A few tricks at the light event 

Some of the light works
Such a beautiful experience here in medellin Christmas lights and the weather is just right. 
Colombian Exploration Continues . ..

Local Market in Medellin 


Such a beautiful day to spend with my beautiful LLF Kimmie while we both love to cook. so we went to one of the local markets here in medellin colombia. 

And am telling you this is so Cheap it’s actually a shock to my system. 
Here are a few pictures 

This potatoes are 50 cents a kilo…yeap…50 cents…

20 cents each 

$1 for 2 pieces…

10 cents each…what the world…

All those fresh fruits at Super low prices 

20 cents a kilo

They have cassava which they call Yuka and it’s 10 cents for 2 big pieces.

Fresh from the farm and it’s 10cents and up priced…

Still got the sand on it and it’s cents for a whole bunch..

And in the market is this fine dinning with white table cloth and plates setting…and our yummy chicken and mushroom sauce was only $4…so tasty..

So while sitting at our table eating…the waiter walked by with this pan of dish and my friend Kim and I asked if we can get one order of that since it looked so good. then the waiter said…or you have to call and order it 15days ahead…what…!!!! we both thought the waiter must not know what he was talking about. 

So I decided to walk to the table of the two guys eating this dish and I asked them if they had to call 15days before and he said yes that this that they are eating he called and ordered it 15days ago. 

Wow…!!! well I then asked him if I can get some of his dish to taste since I don’t think I can do the 15days. and he asked the waiter to give me a plate and serve us some of his dish. thank God for great people willing to share. am super grateful. 

Overall we had a really fun and great day exploring all that the local market in medellin has to offer. 

Colombia Exploration Continues…

Life in Medellin for kids


Life in Medellin keeps getting better for my kids. In each country we have managed to find entertainment and adventure for our kids. As they grow older the harder it gets but also the better it gets since we can do more exciting stuff that can also entertain us. 
In Medellin when you research there are loads of stuff you and your kids can get into….from robotic classes to gokart rides to Christmas light show…
Here are a few while mommy was away and daddy had to be Mr.Mom 

Gokart ride ready

Am ready to race 

Let the fun begin 

It’s time to ride

My little rider…

My speed junky Husband…he just loves speed…

Super awesome creating memories with the Ross family

Some lights are up in medellin…

Robotic and photography classes at the Nivelatic school

Spanish classes at Nivelatic school

Some robotic classes stuff

Having fun

Photography classes at Nivelatic school 

Sharing ideas

What an adventure in medellin 
Colombia Exploration Continues . ..