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Some Great Dishes while On The Road


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Great dishes all around while travelling from South Africa to East Africa….


Our Tennis Family


While travelling around the world as a family we needed to find an activity that we can play as a family and enjoy.

So we started playing tennis and we are really enjoying it as a family.

We play for fun and we also play to compete with each other. everyone likes a little bit of competition in their system.

Here are some few pictures of our family on the tennis court.

tennis 2

At a Tennis Camp in Capetown

tennis 6 tennis 1 tennis 3 tennis 4 tennis 9 tennis

LLF’s (Life Long Friends) all around the WORLD


I am sure when you read this topic you are wondering what in the world is LLF’s. Well LLF’s means LIFE LONG FREINDS .

Yes that’s right, the reward for travelling around the world is being able to have lots of LLF’s around the world.

We have so many LLF’s and we are so grateful for meeting them and creating memories with them as we take this journey.

Here are some random pictures of our LLF’s since we started our trips.

Our LLF’s here shows our travels from Capetown and Nairobi


Cape Town LLF’s


LLF’s in Cape Town


LLF’s in Cape Town


LLF’s in Cape Town


LLF’s in Nairobi


LLF’s in Nairobi


LLF’s in Nairobi


LLF in Nairobi


LLF’s in CapeTown


LLF in CapeTown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF”s in Capetown


LLF’s in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LLF's in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LLF’s in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LLF's in Manila Phillipines

LLF’s in Manila Phillipines

LLF's in Makati Phillipines

LLF’s in Makati Phillipines

OUR Park Experience In GreenPoint


While living in Ghana ( my home country) going to the park was not so much of a life style. Travelling to the states I learned that one of the ways to keep your kids active is to take them to the park…fun for kids and its free at least in the states and in Cape Town.

So when choosing our apartment in Cape Town we had to ask where the closest park was to our apartment and we made our apartment choice based on this information.

Our apartment was not far from one of the best parks in Cape Town which is Green Point Park. It has it all. There is  an outdoor gym and a park for all kids ages. And believe it or not they have labeled the play grounds according to kids ages.

This was really exciting for my kids and for me as a mother being able to exercise while your kids play in a safe environment was defiantly my kind of day.

So when we arrived, that same day we decided to walk down to the park. It was about 6min walk from our apartment. Our kids has so much fun, meeting and playing with other kids. The park had it all, climbing, jumping, sliding  and swinging…you name it and they have it.

So if you do visit Cape Town and wondering where to stay…? Green Point is a great location with all you need at a walking distance.

Pictures below

park1 park2 park3 park4 park5 park7 park8 park9 park10

This is how we Breakfast and Lunch


One of the best things in Cape Town was the options when it comes to food….and healthy foods at that.

When we pack our lunch while in Cape Town you will actually think we are going to feed  all the people in our apartment…LOL!!

I love to cook and my family loves to eat what  I cook most of the time….

Below you will see some pictures of us having a lovely breakfast with some basic options. And also you will see how we pack our sandwich while on the move. I had to label each sandwich with each of the kids names because they all seem to want something different….Like my 3rd daughter does not like onions, My first daughter loves spicy foods and my 2nd daughter loves to eat all and any veggies you can find and my son just loves to eat brown bread and the sandwich meat. And my oldest son ( hubby) don’t like mayo and I love mayo….Now that is how you describe my family when it comes to eating.

So making a sandwich without putting names on them    will be like starting world war 4….LOL !!!

Also in some of the pictures below, I went all out to create an environment that will make our dinner time more special.

Family Rocks ….

dinner7dinner5dinner3dinner2DINNERbreakfastbreakfast2LUNCH2LUNCH 1

Pushing a Grocery Cart Up the Hill


If you know our family you must be aware that we don’t do the ordinary and expected things in life. We do the exact opposite of what is expected from people….LOL!!!!

So When we arrived in Capetown, It was super fun like any other family traveling or taking a vacation. We walked down the hill from our apartment in Greenpoint.

It was a very nice walk. We went to do a little grocery shopping at Woolworth which was the closest to our apartment. When walking down the hill it’s so easy about 5min walk. But when climbing up the hill….boy…it can take you about 30min just coming up the hill and with grocery it can take you about 45min…and with kids that’s like an hour…LOL!!!

So after we got our grocery which included gallons of water, climbing up the hill is not that exciting for our family. So my husband has a light bulb go off….ting ting….he said why don’t we put all of stuff in the cart and push it up the hill to our house. Now my first thought was who will bring the cart back to the grocery store?….thinking cap up right now….

We decided since we live close by bringing the cart back down the hill will actually be a fun experience. So taking it up can be challenging and so not what the ordinary family will do, we just went for it. We noticed people where looking at us wondering what in the world are they doing.

It was a tough pushing moment in my life….But we had so much fun doing it has a family and watching everyone put their driving skills in the place.

We did make it up the hill and we did return the cart 24hours later after we all catch our breath.

Super fun and super different that is the Manns clan in action.

Pictures below will give you a glimpse of what went on that day….

cart2cart 1



A great experience for the kids to see that there are so many possibilities of what you can create and do even with toys like Lego’s .

While in Cape Town we had the opportunity to visit the Lego exhibition by one of the world Lego artist which is the work of acclaimed New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya at the V&A Waterfront.

It was jaw dropping of what this guy can create. Beautiful pieces and for my 5yr old it was super cool….Legos and colors all under one roof.

The Pictures below tells it all

lego2 lego 4 lego 5 lego 8 lego lego3 lego6 lego7

Ferris Wheel Ride….Up high, Not My Thing


While in Cape Town we spent most of our days at the waterfront mall. It was very close to our apartment, so we mostly walked there for the day. There is so much to see and do at the waterfront.

And one of them is the Ferris Wheel ride. My kids are ok with heights but I am not the most fun person when I am not on the ground…LOL!!! I think after our Cape Town trip my family is aware now and understands. Will tell you more of my up high experiences in my other blogs so stay tuned.

So We got on the Ferris Wheel and My kids are all super happy and just enjoying being wayyyyy up in the sky…I had to act brave but Lord knows I was about to pass out….LOL!!

pictures below show how Aasha my 2nd daughter was acting scared just to make mommy feel better knowing that am not alone in this…LOL!!

ferries 1 ferries 2 ferries 3 ferries 4 ferries 5

Christmas Cape Town Style


With great families we had such a wonderful christmas in Cape Town. We spent the whole day at Dr. Greg’s parents house.

Dr. Greg’s parents live in Fishhook. So we got on the train and its about an hour train ride to Fishhook. When we arrived at The train station Greg’s father and Alley, Greg’s wife picked us up at the train station.

They live about 5min away from the train station. It was very nice of them to invite us to their home on this special christmas day.

The kids got to put up a christmas tree at their home. Julie was so sweet to have arranged a cute tree so that the kids can have that feel of  putting up the Christmas tree tradition going ( In Ghana we will usually put up this 7ft tall tree and decorate the whole house) so this really was special for our family and Julie made that happen for our kids while on the road. Thanks Julie.

We got to sit around and share gifts and laughs after we had a very tasty meal…We are so grateful for Dr. Greg’s family for cooking all this food and also making our christmas in a new country very special.

We spent the whole day at their home. In the Evening they dropped us off at the train station and we headed back into town and went to The Waterfront to have our christmas dinner there.

We had dinner at ocean basket that night. It was super packed with people waiting to get seated but I wanted to eat sushi so we tried to wait until we get a seat and finally we got a seat. So over all we had a very wonderful day as the pictures below will tell it all.

christmas5 christams 7 christmas 2 christmas 8 christmas 3 christmas 4 christmas christmas 9

Finally A HighTea Experience


So I clearly remember when our friends in Cape Town mentioned to me that we are going to a HighTea lunch….I was not sure what It meant and so I asked them what is HighTea? I know what Tea is, because in Ghana my home country mostly tea is our breakfast not lunch…LOL!!!

So they explained to me that it’s actually a menu filled with sweets like scones and muffins and small tiny salmon sandwiches and you get to drink Tea with it.

So I said well why not. You will think with Cape Town being so Hot at that time slush should be the drink we would be having but hey am rolling with people who knows what is happening.

So I got picked up by our friends (Joey and Maria) and we drove around the beaches of Seapoint and straight to a place called The 12 Apostles. It was definitely a beautiful place set up on the top, so you can have an amazing view of the blue waters and the shoreline….It was really lovely.

We got there and was served with all the treats you can imagine….on a 3 tier server( I hope that’s what they call it), they  served us with some tea that we get to choose from. Lots of varieties.

But I had to have another type of Drink to take it to the next level…It’s High Tea moment and I have to make the best of it.

Am told in the British community having a High Tea is a very normal daily activity. So I can now comfortably say I have experience the British style of living…right here in Southern part of Africa.

I had such an amazing time with Long life friends and will always cherish that HighTea moment.

Thanks you my amazing friends…

Pictures below

high tea friends high tea 2 high tea 3 high tea 5 high tea 7 high tea 12 apostles high tea frnds