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Last state… last long drive.. 5yrs of travel done


Yes… 5yrs of living from country to country and 15months of Rv life touring North America.

I can not believe it that we started off traveling 5yrs ago when hubby said he was retired and from that moment life changed for us all. In the beginning I doubted how in the world can we do this with all these kids (we have 4 kids traveling with us but we have 5 beautiful kids).

God, our creator, Allah, Buddha or any other name you wish to give this magnificent being has protected us all this years. In tears 😭 moment of gratitude.

Well as I type this we are driving from our last state Denver Colorado driving back to Pensacola Florida where our two older kids will be graduating from high school… am sure you are wondering how that is possible they travel, how could they be able to graduate. Well thanks to Abeka academy which is what we have used for the past 10yrs and we love it 🥰. It’s an accredited program so keeping transcripts and all they take care of that. And they allow the kids to come and graduate with the other high schoolers (they have a private school in Pensacola Florida).

As we come to the close of these travels we are so grateful for all the people we met along the way… all the LLF’s we made and all the friends we had not seen for years. Profoundly grateful. It’s a bitter sweet moment for us but it is also exciting for us as we get to send off our two older girls to college and get back to some family traditions. Absolutely blessed and surely aware of it all.

As always we always love it when we meet up with friends and families we have not seen for years, at some point that’s what makes up our travels.

Here some some moments of amazing memories we created with our friends and families.

Our clothing modeling is by

You think it and they create it. 🥰🥰

Rv Exploration coming to an end…

Now what next?????


Our Yellowstone adventures


So Yellowstone in my opinion is one of the best national parks just because it offers unique natural adventures… seeing a Geyser erupt was awesome. And we entered through the West Point which makes it more exciting as we got to see lots of wild life… and our trip to mammoth hot spring and jump in that nice warm spring water makes it all our number 1 national park.

We stayed at the grizzly bear rv park which is two min drive to the entrance of the park. And it’s a little town that has lots of log cabins and shops. Really enjoyed our time here.

We had funny encounters with a group of bison which I have the video on my Facebook page you will laugh out… my Facebook name is mavismanns so you can check that video out.

In the little town there is a school bus restaurant and which is called Las Palmitas and basically the whole restaurant including their kitchen is inside a pimped up school bus. So cool and their Mexican food was yummy.

Here are a few of our adventures

1 more state to officially complete all 48 of the 50states (we did not explore Alaska and Hawaii)

Rv Exploration Continues