Monthly Archives: April 2021

Life after world travels


It’s Sunday morning and am sitting here by the window on my 5th floor apartment in Richmond Virginia and was just remembering all the beautiful countries we visited and the people we met. How that influenced my life in so many ways.

After our travels I gained so much weight and started losing myself. As my relationship with Marcus changed and so much happening(marriage life). I could not seem to find myself. I kept living in denial thinking I can get away from thinking negatively of myself and feeling so bad about my life. Now on social media most people only saw what they wanted to see.

So after finding out that I have gained 30lbs of unhealthy weight and I started waking up. I decided to get off social media and start finding Mavis Francois. And so I did…

I look back at all the pictures we took of me with 30lbs weight on and I am ashamed that I allowed myself go, I allowed whatever was happening in my marriage life dictate my life, I allowed my husbands own journey take over my own.

Then this happens, My mother in-law one day introduced the Drink2Shrink all natural formula to me and we both started drinking it. At first I was not too keen on drinking. But then it started happening…Yes I started losing the weight. I started having so much energy and just started shinning like the sun daughter that I am.

Then covid hit and we had to move to Bassett (country side life style). this is for us to stay safe. While there my family and I started a routine of exercising and meditating each morning. the weight kept falling off and I lost 27lbs in 5months. As I type this I have lost 29lbs and I have never felt this love for myself and for who I am right now. I have built my very own life in myself and not waiting for anyone outside to dictate how I feel. I allow love to flow through me in ways I am not even aware of. I shine so bright it blinds me sometimes.

I have chosen not to allow my marriage to dictate how I feel at any point in time. I freed Marcus and at the same time I welcome him home if and when he choses too. Many may not agree or understand but it is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have done for myself in 43yrs of my life. I don’t plan on going back to where I was 3yrs ago. The world travels was amazing but it also brought to me my darkest moments and with that I have also come to be the brightest version of myself. So Thank you Marcus for making it financially possible to take on such a travel.

After 1 year of journeying on to finding myself I have now become a distributor of the Drink2Shrink product and I am doing this to help others see that there is a way to get out of whatever weight challenges you are having you just have to find people who have tried it and walk with them. you can follow and comment for more info on my facebook page

It’s now exciting waking up each morning and living and loving and just being. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my life is going to look like. I know I will keep shining bright and I will not stop.

I hope I was able to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start living fully.