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It’s almost fulltime RV adventures


Yes…you are reading that right. We are about to start our adventure again…but this’s going to be just RV life.

A family of 6 about to hit the road again and tour all of north America and Canada.

We are super excited and am a bit scared since we have no clue how to operate an RV.

We plan to enjoy the journey as well as welcome the challenges of living in an RV .

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends.

Stay tuned as the adventures begin in a few weeks.

Here are some pictures of our RV. It’s a sunset trail reserve travel trailer. With a bunk house for our kids and a front rear master bedroom.

We also got our 2018 Toyota tundra to help pull our travel trailer.

In the pictures you will see how we allowed 9ur kids to be in charge of choosing the RV and the truck and help make the payment. It’s pretty amazing watching them negotiate to bed the best deal.

The research took months but the final purchase and the decision of buying took 12hours. We nailed it… 12hours and we had a home and a ride. We are ready for our 2018 adventures for sure.

Hope we will be abke to keep inspiring you all to venture out and have an adventurous life .

Let the fun of travels begin

Bassett Exploration Continues….with new adventures coming up soon…