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We made it to one of the worlds best technological school.

MIT was surely in the middle of the city with so much traffic.

So we drove our 33ft RV to this place so you can imagine the stress.

We found a permanently closed shop and was able to park our RV and detach it from the truck so we can take the truck to a repair shop for them to add on a suspension to help with towing out RV. It all worked out well.

But I must say it was super hot and humid.

So we dropped the girls off to take the MIT campus tour while we get the truck fixed.

Our girls was not too much into MIT. But they enjoyed the tour information given.

RVING exploration Continues


Wompatuck state park and Nantusket beach


So on this trip we decided to stay at a state park.

With our large family state parks are great for price and trails but they don’t seem to have sewage waste or full hookup which is not really great for us.

So we booked this state park and it had electricity hookup and water so that was awesome.

It was $23 a night and $6 a night for electricity.

But the park had so many trails and vast forest feel.

Also we spent the day in Nantucket beach…lovely beach filled with people.. but the water was super cold.

Over all great first experience for a state park

Also got to take a run with mj and Dior on he trails. And we got to pick some berries while on the way.


Boston university


We got to walk through Boston university today.. it’s a pretty big school…but very spread out..

Lots of road works around the area so got me a little stressed and I think I missed my turn a couple of times but made it to the campus.

Here are some pictures of our walk

As we talking our picture this nice police office just stopped and blocked the road so we will be able to stand on the road to get s better picture. And he got out to actually take the picture for us. And our son seem to just love police officers so he asked if he could take a picture with him and he said yes. It was really nice of him to help take our pictures.


Harvard university Tour


Ok so we took the tour for Harvard tour today. It was super hot and humid.

So when you arrive around their information center which is on 30 dunster street you will need to find parking and most parking around there is 1 hour only parking and its $2

Now there are other Harvard tours which you walk around the town and they share the history and student life in Harvard. But that your is $12 per person.

Then they have the information tour which is an hour tour around their campus and they talk about the school and some basic stuff for any intrested students.

First impression…it’s like princeton and did not really bond with the environment. Yes we understand it’s one of the top schools in the world but we are not just looking for top school but we are looking for schools that has strong diversity…and we also want a school that our kids will fall in love with the environment and also the education and the different types of education out there.

But we have not ruled out Harvard…it will will be in their reach schools. I think they are close to deciding the schools that will be in their reach school and then the match schools and then the safety schools. Almost time to start the application process…

But we truly enjoyed the Harvard tour. Here are a few snap shots.

RVing exploration Continues

Brown university-and Rhode island


Ok now Brown is all our favorites. Its our girls #1 and definitely will be applying to brown.

One reason is their open curriculum(for kids entering into college that is such an amazing way to explore your course choices )

And Brown is the only college that seem to offer that with all the tours we have been on.

The environment feels just right and also it’s only 1 hour train ride to Boston, 2 hours train ride to new York and 15min to an airport.

Overall it was also the best tour we have been on with the college search.

Here are a few pictures of our tour

Rhode island is a beautiful place…providence is the capital and we absolutely loved the few moments spent there.

RVing exploration Continues

Life in New York city for the weekend only..


I always feel like new York is too busy for me and my kids and I just got it confirmed. It is really too busy for our calm life.

For about 2 hours Marcus kept driving around timesquare area trying to find a place to park so we can just walk around a bit. There are parking for it’s for truck loading and commercial cars. Also the parking decks charge ridiculous price like $30 an hour and with our Toyota tundra it’s considered over size car so we pay more like $60 an hour.

And we can park about 30min walk away and walk or we can take the bike taxi but they charge $3 a min per person….yeap…that’s what I telling you. And with our family of 6 that’s about $530 for about 30min ride…lol!!!

So in my opinion new York is best explored without a car or kids. Just you and a backpack and sneakers and a metro card.

So we tried that and it’s so much better and so easy to move around.

So I say in life nothing is impossible…you just have to find new ways or just ask or just allow your self to have options.

So we stayed with our friend in new Jersey.. so the cost for bus and train ride to and from Jersey to timesquare are is $3 bus ride from new Jersey to the JW bridge bus terminal and train from there is $2.75. So that a total of $11.50 round trip and you don’t have to worry about parking and also paying to cross over the bridge which is $15 just to cross the bridge. So overall it’s really nice to enjoy new York at a low cost.

Picnic at central park


One of the things on marcus bucket list is to have a picnic at central park. And this weekend we made that happen.

We went to central park and had a picnic. It rained on us but it was worth it.

Here are a few pictures of our rainy day picnic at central park…

Princeton university tour


My first impression of the grounds was…its like from the harry potter movie…the magic wand and all.

Since it summer the campus was quiet but we had a great tour and got to see if that’s a place our two older girls would like to spend their college years.

So we found out princeton university does not have law school med school… which kind of weakens the girls decision to choose that school since both of them wants to get into law.

Also princeton seem to have lots of Grant’s for kids who qualified which is a great point to know.

And we got to see the classroom that Albert Einstein thought at. They still left it the way it is. Now sure if it’s used by students.

Here a few pictures of our tour and the grounds