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Our Journey out of Nairobi


Today we are all packed up ready to say goodbye to Nairobi. (May 21st 2015)

We met our nairobi landlord and made sure all bills are paid and handed the keys to her.
It was defiantly a great place to stay and the apartment was really nice it’s a 3 bedroom, staff quaters and 4 bathrooms. Pretty awesome for our large family.

So after all our 11 check in bags are packed into the van that was taking us to the airport we left our apartment at 4:45pm…the traffic was so horrible I could not believe a trip that usually takes us 30min, now took us 3 and a half hours. So be warned when going to the airport in Nairobi to catch a flight give yourself at least 4 hours drive time.

So we made it onto our flight. Right now I am blogging straight from Dubai airport waiting to connect our flight to bangkok.

Oh check this out, we have 18 bags
total in our possession. So we said instead of the 18 kids and counting like the Duggars we can do 18 bags and counting…lol!!!!

Bye bye Nairobi Kenya hello Asia!!!!





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Amazing Life Long Friends


And the party continues on and on…

As we are leaving our amazing friends that we have made in Nairobi decided to have a go away party just for us. It was really nice of them to do that for us.


While we had a great time at the party all the kids decided to perform a dance program for us and it was super exciting watching all our kids create great memories and bonding for Life.


Our kids have made Friends for Life….who said homeschool kids don’t know how to socialize…let the pictures tell you otherwise.


27 hours before we depart East Africa To Asia


Asia here we come….I hope you are ready for the Manns’ Clan!!!

All bags packed and kids are all excited about the journey ahead of us tomorrow. As we depart from the continent of Africa to the continent of Asia…specifically Bangkok Thailand.

It’s been an amazing journey here in Nairobi as we learn to understand the different cultures of the Western part of Africa, southern part of Africa and the Eastern part of Africa.

One thing we all have in common is the gift of free smiles everywhere….

Thank you for making our stay in Nairobi extra special with all our LLF’s ( LIFE LONG FRIENDS) we have made since we arrived here. That is what our Journey is all about and we are well on our way to accomplishing that dream of creating great memories with Life Long Friends.

All 10 bags ready to go …


My First Sip of Beer…Yuck!!!!


Well I am 36yrs old and you will think that I should have had a beer at least in my youth.

But Nope…!!!

I had my first Beer at a goodbye party while here in Nairobi and I think I have made my descion…NO BEER for me.

It’s so bitter and I am still yet to find out why people consume so much at a time.

Well as I am travelling maybe I might find a Beer that will stick with me, but for now NO Beer for Mavis Manns..LOL!!!

This is the first beer I had and the picture of the rest in the cup tells it all if I loved it or not…


beer 1

The rest of the beer is still in the can..LOL!!!

Travel and Homeschool all in ONE


One the fun ways of our travelling is being able to not only teach our kids different cultures and way of life but also homeschooling them while travelling around the world.

We are still using our curriculum Abeka Academy and all is going very well.

Here is a picture of our family at the dinning table finishing up their school work before we start other activities for the day.

Our kids are up by 6am. They do their calisternics which includes pushups, squats, situps and dips.

After that they have their breakfast at 7am

And then start homeschooling at 7:30am and by 10:30am homeschool is done and time for Chess lesson and all other fun and outdoor activities.

So by 10:30am we are ready to explore each country to the fullest.

Picture of the kids finishing up school work\


Greens All the Way


I believe that while on the road is actually the best time to get healthy and stay fit.

While in Nairobi me and my LLF’s decided to start a journey that will keep us all healthy and fit.

So we did our own 21 days green juicing. It was bitter….LOL!!!

But the benefits was really worth the scary faces we had.

Here are some pictures of our creations for the 21 days….

LLF’s Rock ( LLf’s means LIFE LONG FRIENDS)

healthy 3

Easy to make healthy Fruit and veggie and Chicken salad


All set for blending spinach, lemon,apples,cucumber,beetsroot,celery,ginger and H2o

healthy 1

Ready for bottling

LLF’s (Life Long Friends) all around the WORLD


I am sure when you read this topic you are wondering what in the world is LLF’s. Well LLF’s means LIFE LONG FREINDS .

Yes that’s right, the reward for travelling around the world is being able to have lots of LLF’s around the world.

We have so many LLF’s and we are so grateful for meeting them and creating memories with them as we take this journey.

Here are some random pictures of our LLF’s since we started our trips.

Our LLF’s here shows our travels from Capetown and Nairobi


Cape Town LLF’s


LLF’s in Cape Town


LLF’s in Cape Town


LLF’s in Cape Town


LLF’s in Nairobi


LLF’s in Nairobi


LLF’s in Nairobi


LLF in Nairobi


LLF’s in CapeTown


LLF in CapeTown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF’s in Capetown


LLF”s in Capetown


LLF’s in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LLF's in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LLF’s in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

LLF's in Manila Phillipines

LLF’s in Manila Phillipines

LLF's in Makati Phillipines

LLF’s in Makati Phillipines

Meat Market In Nairobi


So some of the things we do while visiting each country is  to find the local markets and also to dive into that particular culture while in each country, we do this by finding our where the locals shop.

When we arrived in Nairobi we had to find the place as soon as possible since grocery stores in Nairobi are very pricy.

So my first local market was Kawangari and I took a border border there to shop for my groceries( fruits and veggies).

After I finished shopping at Kawangari, I loaded all my food stuff on to the bike again and return home. It was an experience I will never forget in my life.

Now  in my family we eat so much chicken…we even eat Chicken and eggs for breakfast…you will think we should just invent a portable  chicken coop so we can start raising our own chicken and the eggs while on the go…..LOL!!!

So our friend  Kawira who is from Kenya told me that she will take me to a place I will really love to shop. And that was the City market and it’s basically a place that sells all the meats you can think of.

So one saturday morning she picked me up early and we went. It was a sight I have not seen before, all the chicken fillet and fish fillet  right there in front of me. And the price is right.

On that trip I bought lots of whole chicken, chicken breast and fish fillet at a very great price.

So if you are staying in Nairobi or visiting and you want to stock up your freezer with some fresh meat then the place to visit will be the City Market.

Oh and it’s a 24hour market…..So you can go anytime for shop for your meats…what a way to shop.

Some pictures below will complete the story


The sellers are ready for the buyers


You pick the one you like and they weigh it for you


And the fillet fish is ready for buyers

My First Border Border Ride Nairobi style


This is super exciting for me.

When we arrived in Nairobi quickly we realize that most Kenyans ride border border ( which is a motor bike rider) because of the ridiculous traffic here in Nairobi. So with travelling comes adventures, We started riding border border and my first ride was to lavington Green mall which is about 3min bike ride.

Now if I take a cab, it will cost me Ksh 300 and I might be stuck in traffic which will not take me 20min.

If I ride the border border it will cost me Ksh 100 and will guarantee that it will only take me 3min. So now you see why I have to try this experience.

It was super fun. Our kids nanny was super excited to also be taking this ride.

So there you go….The travelling adventures never ends

boarder 1 border 3