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Ghana for the summer


I am getting many questions as to “mavis what is next for you?” well I wish I know for certain but I don’t. Being in Ghana right after a stressful few weeks of driving across north America this rest is well needed and deserved.

Our family have made a decision to move and settle in Richmond Virginia. This is because our two older girls will be in VCU and also family is all around in Richmond. I love Richmond because it offers a busy city but I can choose to be around it or in it.

I am excited to have a home back and have some form of routine especially for my kids. One thing I know for sure is that I can always get in my car and drive away to another state while still homeschooling our kids. Our son is excited to join soccer teams and swim teams. And I am excited to start making new memories and establishing strong friendships.

We are currently in Ghana and with our two older kids working at the office and am just being the supportive mother who will be there if and when my kids needs me.

The kids and I are getting to explore Ghana in ways we did not 5yrs ago, reason being the girls were too young to do anything partying with them. But now we are able to go to concerts and late dinners.  And watching the girls surprise with a lot of things around here in Ghana and so willing to try all the foods they have missed for the past years.

Well as of today June 18th 2019 sitting here listening to the audio book called sex at dawn given to me by my husband to listen too. I have no idea for my future plans are and I must say I am perfectly fine with that. as the first realization of a warrior is not knowing. and since my next second is not promised I intend to make each moment count. So thats is it….what next? I DON’T KNOW


Happy summer to everyone


They graduated


Our whole 5yrs of travels was around the graduation day of our two older kids Destiny and Aasha Manns. The day arrived just when we completed and drove across the United States. May 18th the day they walked the stage in Pensacola Christian academy with 508 other homeschool kids around the globe. I must say it was a proud moment for Marcus and I as we sat in the back and heard our kids names called and saw them walk the stage. I actually cried. Could not believe I have been able to homeschool them up till that very moment.

Oh and don’t get me started on the college process. Super stressful and definitely not the norm for our kids as we could not even share our story in the forms used for college.

But after many college visits and careful thoughts we came to the conclusion that it’s best they go to VCU at least for the first 4yrs and after they can move to any school or state they choose for graduate school.

We are excited to say they both got into vcu and are excited to start their new adventures which will not involve us much or airlines much. With pre-law track program now will see how their 4yrs unfolds.

Now what’s next for me and our 3 other girls. Am not sure what I want to do. I know I want to get some form of education probably something to do with tech… because I love playing and messing with tech stuff. Will keep homeschooling the other kids and will see how life will unfold for us.

Many have asked me to write a book. Well I have written 150 pages of my life but I don’t know how to unleash it. So am waiting to see how it unfolds throughout our the years to come. Am looking forward to one day share my challenges of being married to a unique man, homeschooled my kids without any college degree, the search of my biological parents, my bitter moments just desperate to end it all and my moments of loosing myself due to statements made by husband as being fat. How I was able to allow all to hit me hard and know that I am in charge of how I receive other people’s opinions about me. Oh and the moments I fell out of love ❤️ without even knowing. It will all make sense when my books comes out.

I am truly grateful that 5yrs have thought me so much… much of myself and what I desire. Now what next ?

After graduation the two older girls and I are currently in Ghana. They are interns at the Chiropractic and wellness center for the summer. With that they are exploring Ghana on a different level.

Happy summer everyone with love and light.