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Life for MJ and his Godbrother RVing


What makes our travels specials really is the people we encounter.

Throughout our 3 yrs of touring the world marcus best friend and family have made it a point to meet us in some of the countries like Rio, Rome and now florida.

Mj and sena are the same age and super duper God brothers of all time. Yeap…they are buddies for life.

Mj was so excited to show Sena all the RV daily life as well as the new friends he had made since we arrive 7 days ago.

From the time sena arrived I don’t think they have stayed in the RV during the day. They go all day and comes in a food and ride on out again. The RVing life is surely what these two boys enjoy.

It’s always great to have family and love ones visit us. So grateful to the Adzei family for spending their florida summer time with us.

Here are some pictures of the kids having some fun..