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Wow…what a way to take on the college tour in 48hours… we have seen and tour 4 amazing colleges in the state of Virginia. Super exciting.

UVA- university of Virginia is one of the top law schools in the United states. It’s at number 12th this year.

VCU- Virginia commonwealth university is an amazing school right on the middle of the city and immersed in the city.

UR – University of Richmond is one of my kids top and favorite apart from brown college. They loved and instantly fell in love with UR when we drove in and I did too.

VSU – a beautiful campus but at a very calm and quite area in Petersburg.

Absolutely going to apply for these schools for their under grad since its instate and they loved RU and liked the rest.

Here are a few photos from our journey

We also got a chance to visit love ones in Richmond and Petersburg.

RV exploration Continues…