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Manns on the Ski slopes


Now if you have read most of our blog I am from GHANA and my kids are all born in Ghana. So all I know is sun and more sun…now snow is not part of my life until really since marriage and today I think I have had all the snow any African girl can ask for. Lol!!!

From the help of our 14yr old daugher with late nights research and lots of phone calls she got and arranged our trip to the Appalachian mountain. I had nothing to do with it. Am so grateful that my girls can now arrange and organize stuff like this for our large family. 

So we got to Appalachian ski resort and scheduled a 1 hour lesson and walk we are skiing falling a whole lot but hey we on the slopes…

Here are a few pictures 

Ready to take on the slopes..

Our 7yr old and our 15yr old skiing down the slopes

And that’s me….I look like a pro right…

Papa bear on the slopes 

Our 12yr old enjoying every bit of it 

Our aasha creating a fun snow ski memory 

He loved it…

Yeap fell many times…

Snowboard time

Made a friend while at the ski resort…she is super smart and right there sitting on my lap. Am pretty sure our paths will cross again… and this little Prince is called Jiada. 

We really enjoyed every bit of our first ever ski experience…now I can check that off my bucket list. 
Virginia Exploration Continues 


Shoot the TARGET with the Manns girls


So am sure when you see some of these pictures you will be wondering why in the world are we teaching our girls how to shoot a gun…??? 

Well if you have seen our girls you will understand. We want to make sure when boys are thinking of messing with some girls they will think twice before coming near our girls. Lol!! 

That’s why they have black belt in shotokan karate, they have training in jujitsu, training in muay Thai. So there you see, they are well equipped for those intimidating challenges from other boys or kids. 

Also being in the country side we get bored quick so this is how to keep ourselves busy…learning something new. 

Actually I got to shoot it too…and I always thought it’s super heavy and scary. But really it’s not and it really is you being in control of it. 

So the whole project was given to our oldest to research and find out what we need and all the safety equipments,  also watch some videos on YouTube. And it took her 1 week to get it all sorted out and ready to present her project to her dad. And we all went outside and got to enjoy this experience. Here are a few pictures of our gun shooting exercise. 

They are ready 

Guns and bullets ready for shooting…

In training…and she got the stands and all

The truck with some hay for the gun lesson.

Am ready to shoot 

Taking my shot…

Sisters for life…
Had a really great experience.
Virginia Exploration Continues….