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My kind of Town 


So while travelling Marcus has been saying we need a fishing village…water sports kind of experience. 

Now I have not been able to find that nor did I understand him until the kids and I arrived in praia do forte. 

This place is exactly what he has been looking for. It’s a town filled with sandy beaches and water sports. And shopping all in 1 destination. 

Now the shops I find overly priced. But am pretty sure there are ways around it since I also saw lots of locals living here. 

Here are few pictures of the kids and I having a weekend blast. 

Our trip started with the turtle reserve place that is right on the beach front. Pretty amazing what they do here. 

Inside the turtle reserve 

Baby turtles being cared for 

Older sisters…

Zippline fun

My son decides to hold on a branch while coming in and the line took him back so they had to go and get him. 

IMAHKUS up there 

Ready to zip 

She was so ezcited to hold a python…I was so scared…oldie and newbie

And they all touch the python…that was a zoomed in photo I was standing away…I don’t do animals…I love them but I don’t have to live with them or touch them. Love from a distance.

Yeap…chicken feet…lol…we ordered what we thought was grilled chicken and what came out was interesting…

That’s our suppose grilled chicken we thought we ordered…they brought us the whole chicken every part of the chicken and it took so long we think they just killed the chicken that was chilling around in the forest. Because this was served inside our trip into the forest 

This is mashed cassava…we could not eat it. 

Our ride into the deep forest to zipline and see the snake

Definitely a weekend to remember with mj stuck on the Zippline to Aasha carrying a python snake and us riding this cool ride into the forest…oh.. and being served every single part of the chicken. 

Enjoyed it all….
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Birthday Celebration and a little History


Today was an extra special day for our only son as he celebrated his 7th birthday. And he made sure everyone knew he is the birthday boy. 

All he wanted was a Ben 10 watch. No cake and no party…just that. 

So he woke up and went to his Judo class after we took him to the toy store to buy his dream toy. The smile on his face was really priceless. 

After that we decided a great day to learn a little bit about salvador. 

So here is the story..probably not all but enough to give you a gist of this beautiful city. 

They have the low city and the High city. To visit the high city you can take the famous elevator up and basically you get off the elevator and you are in a city of higher grounds.  Pretty cool right? And the view is even better.

We learned that in salvador they have 365 churches which means you have a choice to visit 1 new church every day in a year. 

Also the salvador culture in mostly influence by Nigerian and Ghanaian culture. With Yoroba influence in what they call akeretye. 

It’s basically fried beans and some palm oil and spices. 

Our tour guide tried to say Ghana and it was funny how he mentioned the name Ghana. 

After that trip we visited the famous Bonfim church. This place is believed to have healed a lot of sick and wounded people. 

Also salvador has up 64 kilometers of beach line. 

Overall I think our son enjoyed every moment of his extra special day. 

Happy birthday son 

In his judo class this morning 

The Bonfim church

Looking into the future across the waters

The water looks so calming 

We are family

The people who believed that the prayers from the church will heal them brings this to hang up there. And they have pictures of the people.

The inside of the Bonfim church 

The Nigerian culture influence…the women dressed in their outfits

Inside the preserved mesuem made to explain the African culture

Where they believe the culture came from Ghana and Nigeria.

A little fun in our day

After the knocked down the church they built this as a symbol of appolgy

The explanationof the government and the people

Hugh city life

Birthday boy with his dream toys…so he says..

A show for the birthday boy…

The best part of our day…is this beautiful view
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First Date-Nite in Salvador 


Well most couples wonder how other couples still have fun with each other after being married for 16yrs…the secrete to ours is Date-Nites. They are magical and really does keep that candle burning for sometime.

Last night marcus and I had our first date night in salvador and it was really fun. 

We went to a place that has this weekly cultural parties…music and dancing and just having a great time. This place is called Pelourinoh. 

Here are few pictures 

This drummers and dancers plays their instruments throughout the square…pretty fun

Am getting some attention 

With passion they create some memorable moments. 

I love this soul  with every existence of my being. 

With marcus new LLF..Lucas

Live music on the streets

An acient church buildings

We really had a great time spending some quality time together. Make time or you will loose time…

Salvador Exploration Continues 

Our First Jujitsu class


Ok so if you have met our family before you will know why we have to find ways to strengthen our girls when it comes to self defence physically. 

We have 4 girls and at any point in time we want them to be able to protect themselves physically when the need arise.  

So while in Brazil we have to get into the things that makes brazil famous…well you have carnival and all…but you also have a self defence form of martial arts. Like capoiera and jijitsu. 

While in rio we did some capoeira classes and really enjoyed it. Now we are in salvador and we taking it to the next level…starting to learn the art of being able to defend yourself when pinned on the ground. So we are well on our way with that. 

5 days a week for 1hour we train on jujitsu the art of self defense. 

All I can say is it’s harder than it looks. And if you ever plan of bullying some girls keep in mind to stay away from the Manns girls and surly the Manns little boy…lol!!!

Mj in his class

The new jijitsu family in town

It’s all part of the training…her first fight. 

Manns girls rock…check out the muscles 

Lol….what a pose from our 11yrs old princess…

Lol…and she is smiling…

Chocking someone from the back…lol!!

Yeap that’s me on my first fight…is going down for real…lol!!!

Head of the pack….king of the jungle…leader of this clan….captain of our ship. 
What an amazing experience…now don’t get me wrong after each class we look like jombies. 
Salvador Exploration Continues 

Chess meet up Group in salvador 


So while travelling we allow our kids to learn critical thinking playing games and one of them is chess the game of intense critical thinking and also known as the game of life. 

In Nairobi we started with a very passionate chess master who taught us all the real meaning of every move in a typical game. It was really an amazing experience learning the game. 

So while in salvador kids and I joined coauch surfing and through that we found the chess club and they meet every Monday to just play chess and keep learning and growing. 

And what really makes it more exciting is that it’s about 4min walk from our apartment. Location is really key to doing a lot if life. 

Here a few shots of our first chess club moments in salvador brazil 

There are about 6 chess boards with everyone just enjoying a game of chess. And timed for 8 minutes.

Our little man enjoying some music

And me…the proud mother watching my kids communicate with people they just met.

A little game of Dominos also helps the little mans mind…

Destiny game…

So we will be playing chess every Monday from 8pm till 12am….and the kids are enjoying everybit of it. 
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Porto da Barra


It is super hot out here…and since everything is walking distance we basically walking to all our destinations. It’s 8pm and am drained from the sun and the beach sandy culture. 

People here in salvador are so nice and the whole city has a welcoming feel. 

Salvador Exploration Continues. ..

Life in Salvador…love it to the max


So we arrived in salvador at 1am and our Van picked us up and dropped us off at our beautiful apartment. 

At 1am it was still hot. People are salvador are so beautiful and the place is truly an amazing place to be. 

I think the whole family is in love with the salvador life style. 

And the food reminds me of my Ghana culture. 

Iguassu Falls 7 wonders of the world


Such an amazing experience…

So after our camping experience we made our way to the border brazil side to enjoy the views of this amazing water falls. 

And on the Argentina side we got to live it all. With water rushing down. It really is an experience that the pictures does not justify. You will have to really be there to have that feel. 

Iguazu water falls if considered one of the 7 wonders of the world and it really has earned that name. 

Brazil and Argentina border explorations Ends..