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Diving The Great Barrier Reef


So one of our travel goals is to visit some of the 7 wonders of the world… And so far I believe we are doing well with that. 

Visiting Australia one of our goals was to dive The great barrier reef.  Since my husband and I and our kids have Padi open water diver certification. Super fun right. 

Well I could not do the dive as I had to get to Ghana to apply for my shengen visa. So I miss the dive but the whole clan went and their feedback and pictures are what am sharing. 

From my 14yr old… “mom it was really cool but most of the reef is bleached and not as magical as it is on you tube or as people have seen it. But I enjoyed it thoroughly” 
From my 15yr old.. “it was a really beautiful experience and enjoyed the scenery too” 

From my 12yr old.. “omg mom it was incredible… And vast and just interesting… Love it” 

From my 7yr old.. “mommy I did not want to leave… I was in the open water and saw some fish..” 

My husband… “am glad we have been able to show our kids that and did the dive. But our dive in phillippines was as amazing. Still enjoyed it all and watching our kids faces suprise and exploring is my reward…” 

From me  đŸ˜§ I wish I could have made it to dive too… Send more pictures. Lol… 

Here are all their pictures they took

Australia exploration Continues.. 


Memories I made I Ghana 


Being from Africa is such an amazing feeling every time I get to go there and explore and be Ghanaian. Yes BE a Ghanaian. 

Since we started our 5yr world tour I have visited Ghana 2 times in our 3rd year. And both times I have evade sure to enjoy each visit to the max. 

With my best friends there and most of our God kids as well as my family it makes perfect sense why each visit is very special to me. 

Ghana is surely a beautiful place to be its my comfort zone for sure as it provides me somthing none of the countries I have visited have yet to provide FREEDOM.. 

In Ghana i speak the language, I know my way around, I have family, friends, I can be me and dont have to worry about language issues. So I say every visit to Ghana is surly one to remember. 
Here are a few shots of my rent visit ( had to go impromptu because I could not get shenzen visa in australia). 

Hope you all get to visit my beautiful home Ghana one day.. 
If you do decide to visiting Ghana.. Comment on this page and I will be more than happy to give you some tips on enjoying Ghana to the fullest 
Picture with a practice member in our office an one of my aunties..

My many night out moments

Sailing in morten bay Australia 


Our sunday got hyped up when we decided to take on a new adventure. Sailing at the morten bay boat club. 

There are just so much to do each day that life is offered go you and for us it was the fun of sailing. 

Its our very first time saling so we had no clue what to do or what its all about. 

Well I must say its seem like a very fun and exciting water sport. 

It took 3 hours and we totally enjoyed it with some almost splash of water all over us and so much laughter we truly enjoyed every minute of our 3hours. 

Here are a few pictures of our sunday fun…

Getting our boat ready 

Thats us helping put our boat together 

Life vest on 

Our sail boats ready to take off..

Destiny ready to sail

Mj is ready to take off

And let the sailing begin

Our son got a hang on it..steering the sail boat

Destiny in the other sail boat sailing her way out the boat docking area..

Really an amazing experience and really enjoyed it all
Australian Exploration Continues…