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Our first country side Christmas Parade in Bassett


Today was awesome as our family got to see our first Christmas parade in Bassett.

The same time they had a sales of homemade pound cakes and other items for sale at the old train station.

It was really a memorable day.

The parade was filled with lots of antique cars and lots of candies…

And what seem funny was we where standing with one of Marcus uncle and everyone who passed through seem like they knew us….that’s what I call family…

The parade started at 2pm and finished at 2:38pm… it was a bit cold but it was fun and exciting for kids and I…Marcus has probably seen this many times since he is from bassett.

Here are a few pictures of our day

Another memorable day….

Virginia Exploration Continues


Happy Thanksgiving from the Manns


We are surely blessed and we are very much aware of that. We celebrated thanksgiving this year by having a well planned out bonfire with grilling of mashmellow and making Smores. Our kids designed some flyers and gave them out to our neighbors. It was really fun…the whole process of planning our thanksgiving.

The weather was perfect with sunshine all day and just a little cool at sundown.

So grateful to be abke to create such memorable moments with love ones.

Happy thanksgiving to all our followers…hope you did set aside this day to give thanks for what you have…

It’s Smores time….

A moment to remember…

Marcus and his only sister…

Me and my 4th Princess…

All mashmellow in the flame

We are family

Let the fun and laughed of grilling begin

Getting the fire ready

It’s jumbo uno kind of night

Father and daughter moment

Family is such a beautiful moment

With her grandmother..

Destiny with her only auntie on the USA side

Family truly rocks

Let’s eat up

All cooked with love

Tasty fried turkey leg

He was outside all day…

Our 3rd princess

Our 2nd princess

Our oldest and the newest driver in Bassett

Still my Prince charming after 17yrs

I was suppose to be in pain…lol…

He is so silly…thankful for him being him

One of our favorite uncle’s…he can make you smile anytime

Our girls

Family first

With Marcus uncle..

Sisters for life

We are blessed..the kids have the best grandparents ever to have lived…

Yeap she got a lift from her grandmother

It took many shots to get this pose

I love family….cousins from dc came home

Marcus beautiful aunt Debra….I love her to pieces

Me and destiny and Marcus grandmother

Love you mama ruby

She is one of a kind mother and mother in law to me….

Our beautiful thanksgiving tree pose

Such a beautiful day to surly be thankful for all our blessings.


Life in the Country side for the Manns


Sweaters…scarfs…and big coats…from the super hot weather in mumbai and now to suoer cold weather in Bassett..we fit right into any puzzle and learn to co-exist.

We are enjoying Bassett Va and loving family moments. Creating memories with grandparents and aunties as well as cousins. As the holidays gets near we start to plan and make memories and this year we plan on taking it to the community. Planning is in place and will share photos soon.

Here are a few pictures of our life in the country side of VA.

Movie night with my husband’s grandmother and the girls. We watched Madea boo halloween and it was surly a night to remember.

She got hold of my phone

She is our 2nd princess

Our oldest got her learners drivers license

Her first drive thru

Creating memories with her grandmother

They are besties for sure

She us 16yrs and got her learners to drive

My oldest

They understand the rule of taking care of yourself

Me and my 4th Princess….just cuddling

She loves fashion

Our soon to be 15yrs…

Cross fit chick

He is happy to be home….

So many memories from our family this holidays to yours.

Bassett ExplorationContinues….

Our life in Bassett


So coming to Bassett is always exciting…being with family and in a home.

And when we come to Bassett we also get some stuff done. Last week Destiny our 16yr old got her drivers learners permit and she is ready to get at the back of the wheels.

Since she got her learners thanks to her mema she has driven around town and got some hours in.

She has to hold her learners permit for about 9months before she can take the road test and get her drivers license.

Also i got back into cross fit and some eating clean…with thanks giving coming up it will sure be interesting with that.

Also i got to spend time with Marcus aunt and grandmother. Marcus grandmother loves going to play Bingo so I got to take her and it was so much fun just laughing and having a memorable evening.

Also I out MJ in school while I finish up my 2 high schoolers and my middle schooler. And he is loving it and enjoying making friends and also getting on the bus in the morning.

So truly coming to bassett brings amazing moments for our family also.

The moment she got her learners permit to drive..

Am all about the greens…

Crossfit freak….

I love lifting weights

Bingo night

Bingo hall…

I tried to make chai tea Indian style…but lord it was a fail….lol…

Destiny is ready to get driving and we have to record her skill set…

Sisters for life..

Selfie sisters

They got my phone

At the store with my 2nd and 4th Princess

Her mema saved all those coins for her and gave to her as a present for her 16th birthday…we took it to the coin machine and she got $70.90 out…yeyy

These two are so connected…

Always making memories wherever we are..

Bassett ExplorationContinues…..

Halloween in the countryside


This is our first Halloween in the states and it’s was really fun just seeing how kids dress up and some adults puts passion into make it extra special night for the kids.

We visited our favourite place around the neighborhood…and as always it was really awesome.

Here are a few pictures of our night

So grateful for the people who created this awesome experience for us…

Virginia Exploration Continues..

Time to say goodbye to Mumbai and birthday celebrations


It’s that time again….we have to say goodbye to this city filled with beautiful people…from our apartment host to our friends from Ghana who live here…to our new friends we made for the past 2 months here in Mumbai and India aa a whole country. And today happens to be our 3rd daughter IMAHKÜS 13th birthday. But the day was not stressful as you will think. We spent the early afternoon at the spa for IMAHKÜS getting her birthday spa day. After went to to the growels mall to have lunch and then we came home and try to finish up packing. So overall it has surly been an awesome day of celebration and also preparing to move on. Also last night our LLF’s decided to surprise IMAHKÜS with a cake and we got to cut it st 12am on her birthday so special and so grateful. I will miss them so much. Out apartment host was so awesome and so welcoming and the chef at the apartment was really nice and can cook up some curries. If you ever decide to visit Mumbai check out their many apartments called Gagal home hospitality services. Clean apartments and come with a chef and a cleaner. So grateful for them. Well it’s here….time to says goodbye…mumbai india and hello Bassett Va usa. Thank you all so much for the love and care while we visited this country. Our princess at 13yrs old Hair spa day Spending the evening with our LLF’s IMAHKÜS at 13yrs and her cake suprise Our friend Naa visits us in Mumbai With our chef from the apartment We ordered a car for 5 passengers and 10 bags and we get a bus that can sit 18 passengers. We will miss her so much… With love we say goodbye to all our LLF in india. Mumbai Exploration ends….. Bassett Virgina exploration begins

Largest water park in Asia


Yeap…we took that trip today. It was not far from our apartment. We got an auto to the ferry which then takes us to the island.

We are so grateful our LLF’s in india took us and helped us create such grrat memories. Now I asked why this was considered the largest water park in Asia….but I guess that answer is not on Google yet. Lol…

So for the past 25yrs essel world which is in the same area as the water park is park of the water park and its a interactive bird park. We did not do that since i told the kids all birds are birds so lets just do the water park. So essel world for the past 25yrs as been setting the benchmark for the parks in Asia.

We spent the whole day there from 10:30am till 6:30pm.

Here are a few pictures of our day….

Oh and am sure you are wondering why the kids are wearing tights….well not bikinis allowed and you pretty much have to cover up. They are so serious they actually have rental place you can rent tights and cover ups. And we saw people wearing dresses…i was in shock…

The entrance and they had a live band…

In the changing room…

Tickets cheaper to buy from the malls than at the location

Island ride

I was bikini ready but I had to get this swimsuit since bikinis not allowed

Yeap thats how she went to the water park..

They love the wave pool

The boat at the wave pool

So over all with a 98 degree Fahrenheit and a humid city the water park makes for a great adventure.

And the ticket for kids was $5 and adult was $7 So pretty great for a couple of times in a month. But to give my honest review it was nothing to brag about….

Am still grateful yo be able to have a day at the largest water park in Asia.

Mumbai Exploration Continues

Our last few nights in mumbai


I can’t believe it’s almost time to pack up again and get onboard our flight to our nect destination.

It has already been 2 months in Mumbai india. As as always we have made amazing LLF’s that will have a special place in our hearts and creating so many memories with them.

Last night we got to meet up and have an awesome evening with our Indian friend who works in Ghana and his beautiful wife and handsome son. It was definitely a dinner to remember. Am so gratful yo Friendship…am do gratful for the awareness to love and to appreciate everyone we meet on our travels.

Now with all our Mumbai LLF’s this means one day we will be back in Mumbai….

Here are a few pictures of our our LLF’s (Life Long Friends) have made our stay in Mumbai very special. Thank you all and I absolutely love and appreciate you all to the max….

Beautiful evening at the westin hotel…great food and loads of laughs and stories….add all that yo amazing people and you got yourself a night to remember.

She is so sweet….my girlfriend….we laugh so much about everything and we have known each other for 2 months but feels like forever

At the westin hotel

She used the rose petals to make this nail polish..

A lovely evening with lovely people

Invite to our friends home

So comfortable and hommy

Diwali sweats

Tasty snacks made by out friends mother

Gift from our host on Diwali

So grateful for all our LLF ‘s (Life Long Friends)

Mumbai Exploration Continues…

Happy Diwali in Mumbai


Wow…what a beautiful celebration of light and laughs all around.

And am telling the sari’s are just amazing…with so many colors and styles. People are out with love ones just having a great time. And wearing their beautiful Indian cloths the sari.

Today our LLF had to close from work and come to our apartment to help kids and I with our sari. So special and so gratful for her.

So every year around the same time…october the Indians celebrate this festival called Diwali which is the festival of lights and sweats. And ofcourse the fireworks…it was so loud and some are scary…the skies was light up for sure thus evening.

Happy Diwali to all our Indian friends who celebrates this beautiful festival.

Now lets share some pictures

Such beautiful memories…

Mumbai Exploration Continues…

Life in Mumbai..


So today is like Christmas in india as people wear their beautiful sarees and go out for dinner or just stay home and bond with love ones.

Today is Diwali…..from the lights and fireworks it sure do make it feel very festive here…

We are enjoying it all from taking pictures with strangers because their sarees are so beautiful to just enjoying some great Indian dishes and hanging out with our LLF’S.

With the heat and all a swim make it extra special for us…

Here are a few pictures of our life in Mumbai

Such a beautiful experience being here for their festive season…..

Mumbai Exploration Continues…..