Playa del Carmen Mexico


Beautiful place filled with amazing people. 90degree Fahrenheit weather and the beach waves makes it the destination for some sun tan. And thanks to hubby We both got to spend some time relaxing and enjoying some tequila and salsa.

Here are some few pictures of our parents only Mexico vacation


Diary of my Ghana vacation


Yes now Ghana is my vacation destination… I have had an amazing 😉 3 weeks of my life with friends and love ones. It was like a girls trip on my own land.

I spent many nights out with my girl friends and we laughed and I got to taste new cocktails and just ate every food I can get my hands on. I absolutely think I have gained a few pounds for being back home to Ghana.

Ghana has its perks for sure… with the right friends and family Ghana can be an amazing vacation destination.

Thanks to Exhale lounge for my many relaxing evenings with a cocktail… I think you all have the best cocktail drinks in Accra…

Until next trip here are a few snaps of my trip back home.

Thanks to all my friends and family for making my trip more memorable.

Traveling RV style continues next…

Surprise Christmas in Bassett


We went all out and did it again this year for Christmas… and am not talking about spending money and going on shopping spree.

Am talking about driving from Austin Texas and surprising Marcus parents in Bassett Virginia.

We left Austin and went to Atlanta to see our Godson and his parents. And we also got to spend Aasha 16th birthday in Atlanta and spent quality time with family and love ones.

We then drove to Bassett and stayed with Marcus sister who lives about 5min from Marcus mom. This way we can surprise Marcus parents on Christmas Eve.

The plan to surprise them was epic. We put mj in a tote and Marcus sister and family took mj into the living room and sat it down when called her parents to come and open the tote we where then hiding downstairs so they had not idea and when they opened the tote mj screamed surprise… it was priceless.

Here are a few shots of our Christmas week.

Winter wonderland in Austin


And the fun keeps showing up. Today kids and I ventured out again for the winter wonderland journey. It was beautiful.. the lights and rides and food and people and live music.

So if you are in Austin during Christmas it’s definitely a great evening out.

It’s $16 per person and $10 for go on all the rides. Now with parking it’s free if you park about a mile or two miles away and get on the free shuttle. But if you want to park right at the event then it’s $10 and i think it’s worth it. This way you are not waiting on a shuttle. But either way you park it’s all worth it.

And it opens from Thursday till Sunday from 6pm till 11pm

It’s a fun filled evening for all ages… here are a few of our memories.

Happy holidays

So grateful for HEB for being the main sponsors for the winter wonderland and also the trail of lights. So grateful

Happy holidays to everyone

Rving Exploration Continues..

Trail of lights in Austin


Austin… I feel like there is so much to do here, maybe because we are here during the holiday season or this is just how they roll.

Most of our days it’s sunny and some days a bit chilly but it’s always beautiful to just get out and enjoy what Austin Texas as to offer us.

The trail of lights is a huge celebration in Austin and year after year they present 100’s probably 1000’s of light at the Zilker park and most nights it’s free but the nights that are not free it’s $3.

Kids and I took the trip and I must say it was cold but totally enjoyed it all. If you are ever in Austin during the holidays definitely something to enjoy… date nights and family nights at the trail of lights is amazing.

But one downfall is there is a cotton candy place there that charges $10 for sugar overload diabetic and killer candy for $10. So all I say is get really full before you go.. just my tip.

Also our son started boxing and enjoying his new sport.

We also got interviewed by fox new 7, being the first time visitors and also the guy said it was nice seeing a whole family visiting it on the first day. So it aired on the news at 9pm that say evening on December 10th 2018.

RV Exploration Continues🙏🙏

Our first month in Austin Rving


So when RVing… location is key, where you park the RV and decides to stay long can be a challenge. Especially in a busy city like Austin Texas.

But we found a gem… right in the central area. Just 7min to downtown Austin, 2 min to Walmart, gas station, mall areas, right next to Burlington coat factory… and 10min to the airport this Rv location is just the right place to park our home and enjoy the holiday season. South of Austin on I35 is Austin lone star rv resort. Secured and so beautiful with the leaves falling, we are loving it all.

Now let’s talk about Austin as a city… this city is super busy with so much to do and get into. With unpredictable weather forecast. Monday is 80 degrees and Tuesday it’s 40 degrees, so all I can say make every moment count. Kids and I have yet to venture out and explore.

With kids applying for college and studying for SAT we spent our first few weeks inside cooped up in the rv. But with all done we plan to start our adventures of Austin this holiday season.

Now one thing that seem to really come to live everyday when we drove out was the homeless people on the streets seem to be more obvious than I expected. Could be our location also. So this season as we always do in the Manns clan we are giving away blankets with a gift card for any homeless person we drive pass on the street.

We have wrapped red warm blankets with a bow and put in the back of our truck and we just hand them out Yaa we drive by. They show so much gratitude when our kids hand them the blankets it warms our hearts. So glad we can do that in our little way to help.

With Austin weather so beautiful when the sun is out we are looking forward to many memories and also making new LLF’s (life long friends) while here.

One thing that I must say is Gas prices here in Austin keeps going down when we arrived it was $2.20 now it’s $1.88… that’s what we love.. and the food… the taco trucks are amazing. Love them all

And thanks to a friend we made while touring UT we got to go and watch a football game. It was kids and I first time and totally enjoyed just watching people passionately scream for their team. It was longhorn vs Iowa state.

We have 11 more states to explore to complete our 50 states Rving tour.

Happy holidays to everyone and will share more on our adventures.

Rving Exploration Continues…

University of Texas tour


One of our travels involves touring colleges and today we got to tour university of Texas. Texas Longhorns.

The school is huge. They have about 40,000 undergraduate students. My girls will get lost just walking from class to class. LOL 😆

Here are a few shots from our visit.

Rv Exploration Continues in Austin Texas

Illinois-missouri – Arkansas – Texas – Oklahoma – Texas


Yes that’s really how our road trip went…lol..

We left at 9am and Marcus drove till almost 12am…

We travelled through 5 states…

After 3 tanks of fuel and my bathroom stops we made it to a Walmart about 23min from Dallas Texas.

Its tiring even being a rider… and I know the driver is tired…

We had to stop since bikes on our bike rack at the back of the RV started scraping the road. So we had to out our bikes inside the RV.. but all went well.

We will be in Austin Texas on Monday and will be there till the 1st week on December…we are running away from the cold weather…

So we sure did have an all day RV ride


Illinois and Missouri


So we got o basically spend 2 months in cahokia rv Parque which is in Illinois but we drive about 3min and we are around downtown st Louis which was pretty cool.

The RV parque team was super nice and so understanding. Really will stay there again if we com back that way.

And it was close to walmart and aldi and pretty much all we need.

So while there we celebrated IMAHKÜS 14th birthday. We surprised her that morning with red Rose’s and statements from each of us and a tiny cup cake. And that afternoon she spent it with her dad shopping and dinner and then movies.

I decided to take the other 3 kids to sweetie pie, but our uber driver told us we will be disappointed so we skipped that and went to a place called calicos and they had this toasted ravioli it was so tasty.

Marcus and I also got to have a date night by going to see snoop dog in his stage play.

Had a really nice time in these two beautiful states.

RV exploration Continues

Our past 1 month


We have had a very calm month for sure with family and love ones. It started off like this.

About a month ago marcus had to travel for work so the kids and I decided we will drive 15 hours to surprise marcus parents from cahokia just a few min from st louise.

So we set off and it was not easy as we had to keep this surprise from our son mj and marcus parents.

We spent a couple nights at the hotel since it’s a long drive. But we made it and they where all surprised for sure.

Now let’s speed forward… while in Bassett we took mini vacation (oh and know that I did not drive our RV..its still parked in cahokia Missouri) .

My mother inlaw and I took a trip to west Virginia which we both absolutely loved so much…we played a couple of casino games and just enjoyed our 2 nights there having some fun.

Also the girls and I took a weekend with their aunties and that was also fun..

While all this is happening the 2 older girls where preparing to take their first official SAT at the martinsville highschool. Which they feel very confident about their result which will come out in about 2 weeks.

And with all that is going on Destiny our 17yrs old had to take her drivers license she already had her learners so now time for the adult license for her. Which means she had to do 30hours of online driving course before she can go to a driving school for 7 days. Am so proud of my girls so so proud.

After 1 month here in Bassett I decided to host a fine dinning for families before we leave in about 7days. And that was hit…I enjoyed the journey of preparing and decorating and just getting the place ready for a find dinning experience.

We also got to celebrate marcus fathers birthday as well as Destinys 17th birthday.

Here are a few memories of our adventures in bassett Virginia.