Our past 1 month


We have had a very calm month for sure with family and love ones. It started off like this.

About a month ago marcus had to travel for work so the kids and I decided we will drive 15 hours to surprise marcus parents from cahokia just a few min from st louise.

So we set off and it was not easy as we had to keep this surprise from our son mj and marcus parents.

We spent a couple nights at the hotel since it’s a long drive. But we made it and they where all surprised for sure.

Now let’s speed forward… while in Bassett we took mini vacation (oh and know that I did not drive our RV..its still parked in cahokia Missouri) .

My mother inlaw and I took a trip to west Virginia which we both absolutely loved so much…we played a couple of casino games and just enjoyed our 2 nights there having some fun.

Also the girls and I took a weekend with their aunties and that was also fun..

While all this is happening the 2 older girls where preparing to take their first official SAT at the martinsville highschool. Which they feel very confident about their result which will come out in about 2 weeks.

And with all that is going on Destiny our 17yrs old had to take her drivers license she already had her learners so now time for the adult license for her. Which means she had to do 30hours of online driving course before she can go to a driving school for 7 days. Am so proud of my girls so so proud.

After 1 month here in Bassett I decided to host a fine dinning for families before we leave in about 7days. And that was hit…I enjoyed the journey of preparing and decorating and just getting the place ready for a find dinning experience.

We also got to celebrate marcus fathers birthday as well as Destinys 17th birthday.

Here are a few memories of our adventures in bassett Virginia.





Wow…what a way to take on the college tour in 48hours… we have seen and tour 4 amazing colleges in the state of Virginia. Super exciting.

UVA- university of Virginia is one of the top law schools in the United states. It’s at number 12th this year.

VCU- Virginia commonwealth university is an amazing school right on the middle of the city and immersed in the city.

UR – University of Richmond is one of my kids top and favorite apart from brown college. They loved and instantly fell in love with UR when we drove in and I did too.

VSU – a beautiful campus but at a very calm and quite area in Petersburg.

Absolutely going to apply for these schools for their under grad since its instate and they loved RU and liked the rest.

Here are a few photos from our journey

We also got a chance to visit love ones in Richmond and Petersburg.

RV exploration Continues…

IOWA – Nebraska – Kansas


3 states in less thank 48hours…wow..we are on the roll with our 50 states RVing life.

We stayed in council bluffs Iowa at a campground that does stuff a bit different. No reservation I required but it’s a full hookup with electric, water and sewage. Its first come first serve. And you can park there for as long as you desire by just paying the fees of $35 a night for 2 adults and $2 a night for any additional person.

Nice people but they are very strict with their closing times. 9am till 8pm so you need to check in while the office is open or you find a different parking place.

We also got to eat and mingle with some greek people. Yes the original Omaha Greek festival. It was super packed and lots of great tasty greek food. And the dance and music was amazing.

We also got to get our on the road chiropractic adjustment st our friends home…awesome right. Thanks to Dr. Joel and his lovely wife Melissa for giving us our well need chiropractic adjustment.

Here are a few moments of our 3 states


North and South Dakota


So we have driven across 29 states…and now we have 21 states more to complete our 50 states camping tour.

We drove and had a tasty Mexican lunch in fargo north Dakota and then drove to Brookings south Dakota for the night. We stayed at a walmart off the interstate 29. Pretty easy to find and has all you need around that area.

RVing exploration Continues

Wisconsin and Minneapolis and mall of America


Actually I kind of like Minneapolis…the people are really loving and welcoming and also of course Mall of America is here which kids and I could only do about 5 stores when we visited. Yeap it was way too big for my family.

We got lost trying to find out car. Lol…

We stayed at a KOA which did not have full hook up. We only knew that when we arrived. But the staff was really nice.

27 states…23 states more to go…


University of Chicago tour and downtown


That moment when you actually thought that downtown Chicago was new York. Yeap that was when I looked at my feet after hours of walking.

Downtown was busy with tourist people like us coming in to see the Bean and the house fountain.

It was stressful for me to driving through those confusing roads but marcus took over the wheels.

We also got to tour the university of Chicago. Its definitely a potential college for our girls. But we are told when it’s cold it’s super cold in Chicago and when it’s hot….oh yes it’s hot.

Also with travelling I think for our family one of the things we love is making new friends and reuniting with old friends. We got to see one of our awesome friends and his family from Ghana. AKESE style…she is one of a kind. Will share her site once I get permission from her to share.

So now we also got to visit the Chicago zoo. It’s probably the only proper zoo we have been to that does not charge anything to get in… really enjoyed that.

We also got our chiropractic adjustment in while we are visiting our friend who owns Meridian chiropractic in Schaumburg Illinois. So grateful to be able to get the whole family adjusted while on the road. Chiropractic rock all the time..

And our friend also is the passionate designer @akesestylelines check her out on Instagram… am sharing some of her amazing pieces…one of a kind. Love it. African pride.. wear it up or just go shopping in them like I did. And her website is http://www.akesestylelines.com (mention Mavis Manns or great discounts) .So great seeing the whole family and create some memories.

So yeap we did Chicago with the little time we have. Now we are off to Wisconsin…



Ving exploration Continues…

University of Notre Dame- Indiana and Michigan all in 24 hours


That’s always our story…taking it to the next level.

We drove from Cleveland to south bend Indiana and arrive pretty late to our koa camp site. The next day we went for our campus tour at the university of Notre Dame.

First impression…its a very beautiful campus the buildings are intriguing. Really huge for me as we try to find the dome which is built of a 23 karat pure gold. And the tour guide who was a past graduate and now admission officer said after you graduate they put a tiny strip of the gold on your certificate…you way you carry a piece of the dome with you. Pretty cool.

After that we went to the mishawaka botanical garden… a bit disappointed since it was not impressive. The architect was suppose to be the same one who designed disney theme park epcot. And it’s a Japanese themed garden. But like I mentioned it took us about 3 min to walk though.

Then we went to the south bend chocolate factory. They suppose to have free tours but when we got there at 3pm they said the tours are not free anymore and only happens hourly which would be 4pm…and its cost $5 per person. It was not worth our time and money so e bought some chocolates and left.

Then we drove straight from Indiana to Michigan…. yeyy…2 states in a few hours. Awesomeness.

Over all we had an amazing experience in both states.

Here are few of our snaps…


Cleveland Ohio and Case western reserve University


So imagine this scenario… we are driving our RV into the campground in buffalo Niagara falls… first time in buffalo and its Friday afternoon

We pull into the campground and marcus puts down the window and says hi to this family. We never met just being who we are we all screamed “hi” and then marcus said hey we will park the RV and see you later.

So we parked our RV and that evening we had bonfire at our camper and we got to meet their family.

And on Monday we are parked at their driveway in their home in Cleveland Ohio.

Anthony and his family welcomed us to their home and it was so random and yet such amazing memories.

We stayed for 2 days…

We also got to visit their university Case western reserve university. It’s a very futuristic kind of university. Very technologically awesome.

We also got to visit westside market… with lots of food and grocery area… their baked goods are super expensive but their fruits are super cheap like blueberries for its $0.99 for what I pay $4 for at the grocery store..so you can imagine how we loaded up on fruits. Since we are fruit lovers anyways.

Here are few pictures of our Ohio experience

Thanks to our host and his family so grateful.

Now off to our next destination


Niagara Falls Canada and Caribana carnival


So as I could not travel to the Canada side to see the falls. Marcus took the older girls and went to explore the Canada side of the falls and it happened that same weekend was the famous caribana carnival in Toronto so they did that too.

I was not able to go to Canada because I am in the process of getting my green card and was not able to travel outside of the United states. I have Virginia drivers license but going into Canada I needed my passport too. So well I made the most of my day by meeting up with our life long friends we met in Brazil 2yrs ago.

It was really nice seeing Amy and Howard. Such amazing people and so welcoming. They met marcus and the girls at the Canada side that morning and still made time to cross the boarder and meet up with me and MJ for some hugs. It was such a pleasure seeing them again. All the way from meeting in Brazil and we get to meet at the boarder of usa and Canada.

Anyways canada side or usa side of the falls…it was truly an amazing sight to see. Am so grateful we get to see all these awesomeness of God.

Here are a few pictures of our day