From motherhood to An Executive Director


Life after Travels have been fun but challenging as we are not use to staying at one location for a long time. So after homeschooling our 3rd daughter and getting her into UVA we made a major change. Actually a huge one as we now are almost at that empty nest phase of our life. So the idea of me going back to school came up as I have my basic education in Ghana. And USA does not really recognise basic level education from Ghana. So I started taking a lot of online classes like ABA certification is this to be able to help my special needs daughter, the google computer program online, Business management program, nutrition and wellness online certification and then Project management certification program. Yes did all while still homeschooling our son. so then the idea of me moving to Ghana to run the family business came up and here I am. Now the current Executive Director for our family company ( The Chiropractic and Wellness Centres). It’s been challenging learning the skills of running an organization but it is also rewarding as I see growth and development in the vision to educate, inspire and equip as many families through chiropractic care across Ghana and Africa. I am still homeschooling our son while taking on this role and I must say some days are challenging and other days I am feeling the reward that comes with such work. If you know me you will know that being a mother to my children is and will always be my first priority. My family is my reason for taking on this role and now moving to the next phase of my life. As I was typing this It came to me that I am doing everything backwards and very unique. Most people start with getting their education, focusing on their career, then marriage, then family, then life…but with me I started with my family, then childrens, stay home mother, homeschool teacher, and now giving some time for my career. If I had to do it all over again I will do it the exact way. Being there for my kids not only created a strong bond but it also created caring and loving kids for the world. So I am very proud of my achievement and I am grateful for the support of Marcus Manns and my kids and all my family as I move on to now my career. I am excited and right now having a truly balanced life. So thank you to all my love ones. Now let’s get this legacy building stuff up and running. I will be back with life as an executive Director.


Life after world travels


It’s Sunday morning and am sitting here by the window on my 5th floor apartment in Richmond Virginia and was just remembering all the beautiful countries we visited and the people we met. How that influenced my life in so many ways.

After our travels I gained so much weight and started losing myself. As my relationship with Marcus changed and so much happening(marriage life). I could not seem to find myself. I kept living in denial thinking I can get away from thinking negatively of myself and feeling so bad about my life. Now on social media most people only saw what they wanted to see.

So after finding out that I have gained 30lbs of unhealthy weight and I started waking up. I decided to get off social media and start finding Mavis Francois. And so I did…

I look back at all the pictures we took of me with 30lbs weight on and I am ashamed that I allowed myself go, I allowed whatever was happening in my marriage life dictate my life, I allowed my husbands own journey take over my own.

Then this happens, My mother in-law one day introduced the Drink2Shrink all natural formula to me and we both started drinking it. At first I was not too keen on drinking. But then it started happening…Yes I started losing the weight. I started having so much energy and just started shinning like the sun daughter that I am.

Then covid hit and we had to move to Bassett (country side life style). this is for us to stay safe. While there my family and I started a routine of exercising and meditating each morning. the weight kept falling off and I lost 27lbs in 5months. As I type this I have lost 29lbs and I have never felt this love for myself and for who I am right now. I have built my very own life in myself and not waiting for anyone outside to dictate how I feel. I allow love to flow through me in ways I am not even aware of. I shine so bright it blinds me sometimes.

I have chosen not to allow my marriage to dictate how I feel at any point in time. I freed Marcus and at the same time I welcome him home if and when he choses too. Many may not agree or understand but it is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have done for myself in 43yrs of my life. I don’t plan on going back to where I was 3yrs ago. The world travels was amazing but it also brought to me my darkest moments and with that I have also come to be the brightest version of myself. So Thank you Marcus for making it financially possible to take on such a travel.

After 1 year of journeying on to finding myself I have now become a distributor of the Drink2Shrink product and I am doing this to help others see that there is a way to get out of whatever weight challenges you are having you just have to find people who have tried it and walk with them. you can follow and comment for more info on my facebook page

It’s now exciting waking up each morning and living and loving and just being. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my life is going to look like. I know I will keep shining bright and I will not stop.

I hope I was able to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start living fully.

Life for MJ and his Godbrother RVing


What makes our travels specials really is the people we encounter.

Throughout our 3 yrs of touring the world marcus best friend and family have made it a point to meet us in some of the countries like Rio, Rome and now florida.

Mj and sena are the same age and super duper God brothers of all time. Yeap…they are buddies for life.

Mj was so excited to show Sena all the RV daily life as well as the new friends he had made since we arrive 7 days ago.

From the time sena arrived I don’t think they have stayed in the RV during the day. They go all day and comes in a food and ride on out again. The RVing life is surely what these two boys enjoy.

It’s always great to have family and love ones visit us. So grateful to the Adzei family for spending their florida summer time with us.

Here are some pictures of the kids having some fun..

Tulum for an amazing time


One of the things are starting to appreciate is that every country has something to offer the human senses, so traveling to new countries can scare you a bit but once you arrive there you realize it gave your soul something profound. Hubby and I decided to take an adult only trip to Mexico our initial trip was for playa del Carmen but with us being travelers we decided to drive to tulum (we rented a car from the airport and I drove ), this is actually my very first time driving out of Ghana and USA so I was a bit scared but hey got to jump in fully and roll with the flow.

Tulum is really an amazing place just 2hour drive from the Cancun airport it’s a perfect place for both town life and nature life . We stayed in an Airbnb that we got for $55 a night and trust me it was breathtaking waking up to the sounds of nature with trees all surrounding our condo. It’s really beautiful. And in 7min drive we are the bustling beach life in tulum. The water is blue and the people are sunbathing and enjoying all that tulum has to offer. Ohhh and the el pastore tacos 🌮 are to die for. And the jalapeño poppers will have you drinking more margaritas 😆. Over all I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to keep traveling and exploring the world 🌍 thanks to my husband who makes it happen and thanks to my in-laws who always comes through to keep the kids.

And some of the pictures above are just a few of our amazing time in Mexico.

I got to taste grasshopper… nasty and also tasted worm sugar. 😂

Marcus Friend also was celebrating his 40th birthday and our trip was all about him… and his son who is our Godson completed our trip with soccer games and just loving me memories.

So grateful to be able to share some of our insights in traveling around the globe.

With love and light

Gratitude overload out here

Ghana for the summer


I am getting many questions as to “mavis what is next for you?” well I wish I know for certain but I don’t. Being in Ghana right after a stressful few weeks of driving across north America this rest is well needed and deserved.

Our family have made a decision to move and settle in Richmond Virginia. This is because our two older girls will be in VCU and also family is all around in Richmond. I love Richmond because it offers a busy city but I can choose to be around it or in it.

I am excited to have a home back and have some form of routine especially for my kids. One thing I know for sure is that I can always get in my car and drive away to another state while still homeschooling our kids. Our son is excited to join soccer teams and swim teams. And I am excited to start making new memories and establishing strong friendships.

We are currently in Ghana and with our two older kids working at the office and am just being the supportive mother who will be there if and when my kids needs me.

The kids and I are getting to explore Ghana in ways we did not 5yrs ago, reason being the girls were too young to do anything partying with them. But now we are able to go to concerts and late dinners.  And watching the girls surprise with a lot of things around here in Ghana and so willing to try all the foods they have missed for the past years.

Well as of today June 18th 2019 sitting here listening to the audio book called sex at dawn given to me by my husband to listen too. I have no idea for my future plans are and I must say I am perfectly fine with that. as the first realization of a warrior is not knowing. and since my next second is not promised I intend to make each moment count. So thats is it….what next? I DON’T KNOW


Happy summer to everyone

They graduated


Our whole 5yrs of travels was around the graduation day of our two older kids Destiny and Aasha Manns. The day arrived just when we completed and drove across the United States. May 18th the day they walked the stage in Pensacola Christian academy with 508 other homeschool kids around the globe. I must say it was a proud moment for Marcus and I as we sat in the back and heard our kids names called and saw them walk the stage. I actually cried. Could not believe I have been able to homeschool them up till that very moment.

Oh and don’t get me started on the college process. Super stressful and definitely not the norm for our kids as we could not even share our story in the forms used for college.

But after many college visits and careful thoughts we came to the conclusion that it’s best they go to VCU at least for the first 4yrs and after they can move to any school or state they choose for graduate school.

We are excited to say they both got into vcu and are excited to start their new adventures which will not involve us much or airlines much. With pre-law track program now will see how their 4yrs unfolds.

Now what’s next for me and our 3 other girls. Am not sure what I want to do. I know I want to get some form of education probably something to do with tech… because I love playing and messing with tech stuff. Will keep homeschooling the other kids and will see how life will unfold for us.

Many have asked me to write a book. Well I have written 150 pages of my life but I don’t know how to unleash it. So am waiting to see how it unfolds throughout our the years to come. Am looking forward to one day share my challenges of being married to a unique man, homeschooled my kids without any college degree, the search of my biological parents, my bitter moments just desperate to end it all and my moments of loosing myself due to statements made by husband as being fat. How I was able to allow all to hit me hard and know that I am in charge of how I receive other people’s opinions about me. Oh and the moments I fell out of love ❤️ without even knowing. It will all make sense when my books comes out.

I am truly grateful that 5yrs have thought me so much… much of myself and what I desire. Now what next ?

After graduation the two older girls and I are currently in Ghana. They are interns at the Chiropractic and wellness center for the summer. With that they are exploring Ghana on a different level.

Happy summer everyone with love and light.

Last state… last long drive.. 5yrs of travel done


Yes… 5yrs of living from country to country and 15months of Rv life touring North America.

I can not believe it that we started off traveling 5yrs ago when hubby said he was retired and from that moment life changed for us all. In the beginning I doubted how in the world can we do this with all these kids (we have 4 kids traveling with us but we have 5 beautiful kids).

God, our creator, Allah, Buddha or any other name you wish to give this magnificent being has protected us all this years. In tears 😭 moment of gratitude.

Well as I type this we are driving from our last state Denver Colorado driving back to Pensacola Florida where our two older kids will be graduating from high school… am sure you are wondering how that is possible they travel, how could they be able to graduate. Well thanks to Abeka academy which is what we have used for the past 10yrs and we love it 🥰. It’s an accredited program so keeping transcripts and all they take care of that. And they allow the kids to come and graduate with the other high schoolers (they have a private school in Pensacola Florida).

As we come to the close of these travels we are so grateful for all the people we met along the way… all the LLF’s we made and all the friends we had not seen for years. Profoundly grateful. It’s a bitter sweet moment for us but it is also exciting for us as we get to send off our two older girls to college and get back to some family traditions. Absolutely blessed and surely aware of it all.

As always we always love it when we meet up with friends and families we have not seen for years, at some point that’s what makes up our travels.

Here some some moments of amazing memories we created with our friends and families.

Our clothing modeling is by

You think it and they create it. 🥰🥰

Rv Exploration coming to an end…

Now what next?????

Our Yellowstone adventures


So Yellowstone in my opinion is one of the best national parks just because it offers unique natural adventures… seeing a Geyser erupt was awesome. And we entered through the West Point which makes it more exciting as we got to see lots of wild life… and our trip to mammoth hot spring and jump in that nice warm spring water makes it all our number 1 national park.

We stayed at the grizzly bear rv park which is two min drive to the entrance of the park. And it’s a little town that has lots of log cabins and shops. Really enjoyed our time here.

We had funny encounters with a group of bison which I have the video on my Facebook page you will laugh out… my Facebook name is mavismanns so you can check that video out.

In the little town there is a school bus restaurant and which is called Las Palmitas and basically the whole restaurant including their kitchen is inside a pimped up school bus. So cool and their Mexican food was yummy.

Here are a few of our adventures

1 more state to officially complete all 48 of the 50states (we did not explore Alaska and Hawaii)

Rv Exploration Continues

Vancouver BC was amazing


I think Vancouver is one of the most beautiful city’s we have been too. The beautiful flowers and greenery is amazing. And the people are so nice.

We made great friend and also caught up with old friends we have not seen for a while.

The boarder crossing into Canada was super easy no problems and no traffic.

Now coming back to the states we stayed in traffic for 2 hours trying to cross the boarder into the states. But no issues with boarder control.

We got to drive to Squamish and went on the gondola 🚡 oh I was scared but still did it anyways. And went of the suspension bridge that is up on the mountain. We did not do the famous capilano suspension bridge because it was a big expensive for our whole crew. So we enjoyed the city and also got to walk around gas town area.

Will definitely be back in Vancouver BC

We also got to visit the island call Granville… so beautiful with boats and also got to have some good food.

Great experiences Vancouver BC

4 more states and we will be done with 48 states out of the 50states.

Rv Exploration Continues