By the Lake fire works.. Middleton


I always love fairs and fireworks especially when it happens around a lake…

So much fun.

Pictures below..

Happy 4th of July to all Americans

With so much love and gratitude



Krav Maga…Glastonbury


So with our travels we try to find activities for our kids to get involved in.

And one of them this time is Krav Maga…its the best self defense. Especially with al our girls we needed a self defense training that we can use if and when we need to.

Below are a few pictures of our training..

Such a great experience and our kids loved it.

All I can say is don’t mess with the Manns crew.

RVing exploration Continues

Yale + Law = Manns girls and New Haven


Yes we made it to Yale university and our girls loved it. They loved the old feel of the buildings but yet modern in their thinking and greatness.

Our girls loved the history behind the Yale school. They also loved the 14 residential college in Yale. It’s a small city of just Yale.

And it’s still close to new York for a New York experience. So will see how that will go.

We also got to visit the worlds largest indoor ropes course. It’s called IT…. yeap..its a IT….

Now here are a few pictures


Virginia + West Virginia+Maryland +Delaware+ NYU + NYC+ Connecticut


All the places listed above we got to touch and meet up with friends and love ones.

With our fulltime RVing our 2 older girls are also looking and trying to decide on college for fall 2019.

So far we have visited 4 colleges.

They did NYU was awesome since it like a university city… our 2nd girl said it might be too much to get both of them are looking into law. And they both said they want a more calm college so they can focus.

But they loved the NYU global teaching programs and the options to do international programs.

I also loved the global aspect. But am not sure about the hectic life in the city.

We also got to spend an awesome evening with our LLF’S in maryland… always a pleasure to park our house in their yard.

After we got to go and pay our respect to Marcus best friends mother. It was an environment I miss…my Ghanaian family…we speak the same language and just at a different country. I got to eat some Ghanaian food too.

After our funeral we went to visit my cousin whom I have not see in at least 15yrs…it was super nice to spend time with her and her family. And she cooked some tasty chicken and rice for us and some healthy salad which we chow down so fast… lol..

And after her family walked us to yankee stadium and we got to see some football practice and just chill around.

We parked our RV east Hampton at the Nelson family campground. Which is like a yoga retreat and definitely a nice place to be settled for the next month while marcus travel with his guys.

So will share more as we explore east Hampton Connecticut.

RVing Exploration Continues….

Pigeon forge/ Gatlinburg


Wow…I cannot believe that we have not been to this place..Marcus parents live 4 hours and 30min from this amazing so much to do place.

We stayed at this awesome koa campground which also has cabin that you can rent.

There was so much stuff to do and see in this place it’s super awesome and family fun for everyone.

We got to hike a 4hours trail and hike. We saw 9 small water falls and 1 big one…

So grateful for all our new friends we made while there.

And we are so grateful with our LLF’S coming all the way to hang and create more memories with us… the Ross family came and met with us…our first meet up was in Medellin Colombia. So glad they decided to come and meet us in Gatlinburg.

We really have had a great time in Gatlinburg And pigeon forge and we must say it might not be our last visit.

Now let’s get some pictures going

Goodbye Pigen Forge and Gatlinburg till we revisit you again.

Rving Exploration Continues

Nashville Tennessee


Time is ticking…We are on the move again. We got to spend some time in the city of country music.

Nashville is beautiful with music and country music stars all around the roads on the billboards.

We got to have dessert at the underwater dinning.

We got to see the grand ole opry. The stage that made country music huge.

Over all it was a lovely experience as we also got to the try the famous Nashville hot chicken at the pepperfire cafe.

Also our camp ground called yogi bear had so much to do it was amazing… they had… laser tag, blow up slides, forming splash…dive in..achery..and many more stuff for kids to do.

We are done with Nashville and off we go again hitting the road to Gatlingburg.

Memphis..the city with soul music


Yes..walking the streets of Beale all we saw are people performing and singing soul music. It was so good it got us moving while rolling down the streets.

We arrived and drove to the famous street called Beale street. It was packed with people. And lines and security to get on the street. And they don’t allow kids under 21yrs on that street after 10pm. That whole street is designated for music and drinking folks…as well as folks like me who does not really drink.

We did not visit the elvis Presley home as a tour. And the reason being we had not two people whom are both elvis Presley fans and they said the tour was not worth the $60 per person they charging. Also they said the tour was better 10yrs ago as this time they have packed up a lot of elvis items so not an interesting tour for the price they charging. So we did not take that tour. But our RV campground was right across the street from graceland so we did get to see elvis Presley house from afar.

Now we did visit the stax mesuem and that made us all fall in love with old soul music. It was definitely a tour worth taking and the price is right. It cost us $58 for all 6 of us to take that tour. Rich old soul music. Loved it.

After we visited the hotel where Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING was shot. The Loraine hotel in Room 306. That was nice to see that mesuem.

And right across the street of the hotel was central BBQ…finger licking bbq ribs and wings…with tasty mac and cheese and beans that will knock you out. It was so tasty and priced right. Memphis food was the one for me and my crew. Marcus loved it so much he called it the food experience.

Memphis is awesome and really loved it.

Tomorrow we leave for Nashville..

Goodbye are an amazing city filled with music and good food.

RV exploration Continues..

New Orleans…


Wow…what a state filled with so much culture and music.

From Pensacola we drove through a couple of states… and we decided to stay in new Orleans because (girls trip and food) but the rich culture over rides it all. So grateful we get to do this and do it as a family.

We walked for hours and hours around the famous french quarters. With music and people all around the streets especially bourbon street was jumping with music. But around night time it got too much for our kids so we left.

We got to eat at cafe du munde…I think that I was a bit disappointed. Its “fried ballfrot” like we will say in Ghana. Fried dough with powdered sugar. And seem like its owned by Asian people which is weird too. Lol…anyways we did take a picture and tried the friend dough…

We also got to see some street performers and the palm readers… and we got to tour the voodoo mesuem which was interesting on it’s own. Will share pictires.

We also got to eat gambo at the famous Melba. I hope I got the name right…lol…

We had some crawfish and some gambo and some bbq chicken

It was really just ok. Overall food in new Orleans is ok for me and my family…

Now the highlight of our trip is our drive to the whitney Plantation…now that is something new as we have visited mesuems and we have also tour places telling the story from the masters perspective…with this plantation was telling stories from the slaves eyes and we got to see where they sleep and work. Wow…

This place is been open only for 3yrs now and it’s truly an amazing experience if you are in new Orleans to do. Its suppose to be the only one that tells the slaves stories. Am so grateful for this particular experience.

We are leaving tomorrow…going to Memphis

Tennessee… so we say thanking you to new Orleans for hosting us .

RV exploration Continues…

Pensacola Beach


What a lovely place to call home for 1 week. So beautiful right on the beach is the Pensacola RV beach resort.

And the boardwalk and the people and the relaxing feel of this beach on the peninsula is sure to make you want to stay more than the 7 days we booked for.

With our RV tour we are visit to colleges for our 2 older kids…and so far we are on it.

In Pensacola we got to visit their homeschool DVD program abeka which has a school in Pensacola. We met their teachers who our kids have watched on their homeschool DVD program for many grades.

The teachers are so lovely and we got to sit in the classrooms where the videos are made with students. Such an amazing experience to see all unfolds. Our girls got to ask their teachers some personal questions. They met their favorite math teacher Mr. Howe.

Really truly a great experience.

We also got to create memories with marcus friend Robert’s parents who are super cool and have a beautiful beach house that was right by our RV resort.

We had some tasty friend fish and lots of laughs and memories at their home. Thank you for hosting us.

We also got to enjoy some soul food at the famous Dwarf chicken…and just typing this makes me want to run there now and eat some tasty homemade from the soul with love collard greens and fried chicken. Our friend grandmother started the chicken stand but now managed by her niece who is super cool.

Am telling you if you are in Pensacola just find the dwarf chicken and stop by for some soul food.

Here are a few pictures of our Pensacola experience.

RV exploration Continues…

Gainesville Florida


We have truly had such great memories in Gainesville florida. Thanks to our host Matt and his family.

We got to visit one of the oldest post office in Florida. And we also got to visit micanopy winery. Super awesome experience.

We also got to visit university of florida.

And drove through florida state university.

We also took a road trip back to Virginia through Charlotte and met some friends. Our Gainesville journey has been awesome.

The adventures continues…we are in Pensacola.

RV exploration Continues…