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Going to Cusco

Going to Cusco

Well…our time in Lima has ended and a new experience awaits in Cusco!!

Peru has been awesome. The people here were so kind and welcoming; We also met a family ,who I will miss a lot. I think Lima Peru (Miraflores) is definently one of my favorite countries so far and I really want to come back here one day.

I am looking forward to the life we will have in Cusco, the people we will meet ,and the new experiences we will have.

Most of all I am looking forward to the journey to Machu Picchu… I am so excited !!! 

But I’m not really looking forward to the plane ride … Bye Peru!!! šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ‘‹

Aasha Ruby Esi Manns…


Dinner with our Lima LLF’SĀ 


So when our kids first met it’s as if they have known each other for years. Our boys and our princesses are so great with each other. When we finish the play day and going on in a are mj’s words.

“Mommy I miss Malik already” it’s so priceless seeing them play and create such amazing memories…

Last night we had another amazing evening having dinner with Youssouf and his beautiful family…here are few pictures of our great memories 

A little silly face don’t hurt…try it out..

A kiss for mommy…

They are friends for life…you know what they are sisters..period..

We have become one family…

Kids having a memorable moment…

LovING some one is truly an amazing experience for all to enjoy….

We have less than 24hours before travelling to cusco and we are super excited to take that trip so creating awesome memories the night before with our new LLF’S is our top priority. Love you all family. 
Peruvian Exploration Continues…for another 24hours in Lima…

Spending the day around the Square


Such a loverly da in Miraflores last 2 days. And marcus just returned home from his burning man trip in Reno Nevada. 

We all miss him so much…but the queen will have to get his dateday/datenight. So here we go. 

I took Marcus to centro which is the area where the President and Government offices are. We spent the whole day and part of our evening there. 

If there was one thing we do in our relationship to keep the spark going it’s our dates. We always make sure to have dated as and datenights. This moments we devote our time and we live in the moment. 

So here are a few pictures of our daydate….

Marcus enjoying his fies pisco sour and some tasty fried sweet potatoe chips

On the bus riding around centro

Right in front of the governors palace where the President works. 

He is taking the picture taking to a new level…

Selfie crazy

He loves my hair cut…and I loventured the short head massages I get throughout the day

One of the Catholic churches around the Square 

He is all for Peru…it was so funny with me trying to take this picture…

My photographer was awesome 

Really had a great daydate….
Peru Exploration Continues. ….

She is 15yrs Old…


Today was a really special day for all of us. It’s my oldest daughters birthday. she turn 15yrs today. Now we usually don’t do any big birthday party’s with big cakes and all. But today I decided to go all out for my teenager.

We spent the day at a family and friends picnic spent about 4hours just having a great time and eating some yummy meals. After we went to spend the rest of our afternoon and evening at our friends home and their family. here are a few pictures of how Destiny’s birthday bash went.

Birthday girl getting her birthday present from a chiropractor at the picnic..her birthday chiropractic adjustment

Birthday girl getting her birthday present from a chiropractor at the picnic..her birthday chiropractic adjustment

celebrating 2 amazing kids today.. Destiny and Malik. it was really priceless seeing the smiles on their faces.

celebrating 2 amazing kids today.. Destiny and Malik. it was really priceless seeing the smiles on their faces.

the birthday spread...

the birthday spread…

its dance off time....

its dance off time….

our two celebrants..

our two celebrants..

chocolate cake and lemon pie...yummy

chocolate cake and lemon pie…yummy

enjoying some family time

enjoying some family time


Thanks to our New LLF’s in Lima Peru for helping us create a memorable birthday for Destiny.


Peruvian Explorations Continues…..

Life Begins at 37yrs for Me


So when I was growing up my mom spend lots of her time trying to comb and do everything to get my hair to grow. The years that I remember are on Sundays when  my haur is washed and braided into two pony tails and ready for school week. 

So imagine a long curly hair girl. 

Then I became a teenager and I saw all my teenage friends who had hair with strict hair. So I decided to try that out. So I put a perm in my hair to get all my curls out and get a straight sleek haur. .at least so I thought. No one could change my mind. I was on a mission. I remember my grandmother was not happy with what I had done since she always thought my long curly hair was so pretty and said if I ever  have to cut it she will be able to use it for her hair. 

I think since the day I put the perm in my hair I was doomed for saloon days in my adult years. 

I can tell you I enjoyed my routine years of going to the salon every Thursday. But that comes with a cost. 

Now I am 37yrs old and one dawn I was laying in bed in Lima and it hit me that I should shave my hair off…wit no reason. But knowing that my husband always loves my long hair I have to find a reason to get his support. That’s marriage it’s make sure you can sell your partner on your idea with love and respect. 

I think at about 1am I sent a whatsapp message to my husband ( he was is the states) and I said I am aware you love long hair, but I need your support on this one. I want to shave my hair off. 

And my husband replied and said ” hun I support you 100% with whatever you choose to do with your hair…you are beautiful either way.” 

I woke up the next morning and went to the salon and shaved my hair off. I will share pictures of my hair before the shave. I wish I have an old picture of my curly days. 

So I say life can begin any moment when you are ready to just be…with or without hair. 

My curly days 

Long hair perm days 

Then I sat in the chair Sept. 1st 2016

My stylist with passion starts the process of cutting off my hair completely…my first short hair 

The first cut…

The next day…I felt like I was going back for more cuts…

The next day adventures. …

Then 2 days later…side shave…lol… this point am getting really adventurous 

And 3 days later…even more shave and secret extension added to create a little more excitement at the front…

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring me…I may just go all out…and shave everything off…

Life is truly what you make it…so enjoy and live fully. 

Peru Exploration Continues…

Beautiful Memories in Lima


Lima is a beautiful city but I personally think the people makes it a beautiful city. The food is even bettet. Now the weather is a whole new story to tell. If I remember someone said it does not rain in Lima…and since have been here just drizzle no rain. 

For the past weeks we have has some great days with lots of sunny days and warm weather. 

Like I said the people is what make any country exciting for its visitors…and in a lima we have amazing friends…here are a few moments of magnificent memories that we have created. We are enjoying our new LLF’S 

When the kids create memories by themselves

We got to enjoy this moment too

Our little DJ’s choosing our music

Let’s keep this party going 

Buddies and sisters for life 

I look super fly

Family that eats together laughs together 

Acting like they are stars in our world…which they truly are all stars…

A memorable night at mistura 2016

Kids learning a little but about gardening…

Kids are just amazing…they know how to create fun moments

At the Mistura food festival 

We will surly miss our LLF’S when we exit Lima Peru. We are creating such great memories. 
Peru Exploration Continues…

Mistura festival in Lima


So yesterday the kids and I got to enjoy the Mistura food festival in Miraflores peru. It’s among one of the  largest food festival in south america. 

And I see why…with so much to do and see and eat and buy. Pretty awesome. 

With food from different places in peru and other countries like India and Mexico. 

And  with our travels…my oldest daughter and I always look for food events and food fairs and cooking class. Since we both love to cook and explore food options. 

So it was really great getting to see this happen while we are here in Miraflores. 

It said it stare on September 1st but when we went there and was told that’s it’s only opened on the 1st for the president and Government officials.. 

So yesterday we went by there again and really got to enjoy all the different dishes in the Peruvian culture. And some dance shows. 

Here are a few pictures 

Got our tickets…

And we are in….

All the different colorful potatoes here in peru 

An orange syrup drizzled on this was yummy

Look who I found

Trying out that new gear…

The meat grill was a big deal…

Meaty afternoon 

A pot for our lunch….

A pose with some cool guys…

He loved Chiefa dish…

Night time at Mistura 

A little show at mistura 
Peruvian Explorations Continues. …

Life in Lima Peru


Peru is such a beautiful city filled with positive vibe…with lively people all around.

And Peruvians seem to be health conscious which is why they eat heavy for breakfast and when I say heavy…it still means lots of veggies and some more veggies and then some chickey and rice. And they eat very light during dinner….very very light. Like a light clear soup or just some veggies. They believe anything eaten after 6pm cannot digest so why eat too heavy. 

Our life in Peru is really fun and exciting making friends all around us. 

A few moments of our peru life

Breakfast is served…this was at 9:30am. A plate filled with tasty steams veggis and to drink is some ginger, cinnamon and apply warm drink..

Breakfast with my princess number 2 

Cooking with some Peruvian spices….such an eazy meal 

Some fun with our new LLF’S  (Life Long Friends ) such awesome memories . Spending tone with love one is always a moment to cherish.

Look at what I found….Bassett pizza place in Miraflores peru

You know your kids loves a country their in when they take blankets to the park to spend the whole day with cats…she really love being there.

My son taking some memorable shots of me saying that he needs to take a picture of just in case I die….lol!!! 

Bought this beautiful flowers for $2

Our new LLF’S (life long friends )…Lima streets will never be the same again….with this 2 beautiful families….

Friends for life…they talk like nothing exist…


Boys just want to have some fun…

Our freshape organic fruits…all this cost us $20 I think…including the flowers 

And she is happy…

Our snack bowl..

The beach in Miraflores 
Peruvian Explorations Continues. …