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Rio Carnival


Ok…so this is just way too many people at 1 single location.

They have what they call blocos which are parties and music on the street.

Yesterday we decided to go to one and put on our custumes just to have some carnival fun.

Wow!!! That was all I could say. And my advice if you don’t intend to drink beer and get wasted then just stay away from the blocos.

Too many people and too loud.
Oh and when done with the bloco you will most likely have to walk home. Because the taxis are hard to come by and if you do get a taxi…they take you all around the city to rack up you cost since they use meter.

So be mindful of that…


Getting all made for carnival


All done ready to party


Our little cleopatra


So cute….Ready for carnival


We are family…


Am all ready and dressed up for the occasion


All colorful


Our little pirate…


In the elevator packed up….

Rio carnival in my opinion is over rated….great for single individuals who wants to have a party on the streets.

Nothing yet for family…but we are keeping hope alive.

More pictures of activities to come

Brazil Exploration Continues

Our experience in Rio


Well our first impression when we arrived in Rio was….this is oven HOT. ….

And they don’t speak English and the majority of Brazilians are not interested in learning English and would not even know where to start from.

It was really hard for us trying to order food or catch a taxi to a destination we can’t seem to get the name right.


Trying to learn the subway system….


Taking pictures of roads that I want to visit again


Here is a typical Brazilian lunch…it has palm and broccoli rice with grilled chicken…yummy


Fresh lemon drink from the streets…really tasty and only cost 50 cent a cup


This is call Acara  ( not sure of the spelling) but they basically grind beans and add flour with some seasoning and then deep fry it in Palm oil. Then they put this spicy sauce inside and then top it with a salsa like sauce. It was an interesting taste for me. But I tried it


Got to pose with my acai ice cream man…


Tattoo king…


He is all ready for the upcoming carnival…
We found out the best place to get an inexpensive custumes are at the central market called Sahara. We got that tip from our uber taxi guy…

Rio seem like a fun place to enjoy but the language is very challenging.

Thank Good for Google translate…so if you are coming to Rio then please download the app Google translate since you can use it without Internet once you download the language you need.

Brazil Exploration Continues….

Capoiera with the Manns


Yes we are all trying out everything that the universe has to offer us.

We started our capoiera journey. It’s always better when your teacher has passion in what he does.

As they call him Mastre  (that’s the master teacher of Capoiera). We met him at his teaching grounds.

2 hours of training and learning the history behind Capoiera was so much fun for our family.

Capoiera reminds me of our dance in some of our Ghanaian culture. The Adowa dance and the Ewe dance.

We got to play drums and learn some great moves.


That’s our Mastre


Kids learning Capoiera


Yeap capoiera also has drumming and dancing moves…Super fun for us

As we progress with our new found adventure will be sharing our experiences with everyone.

Rio exploration continues

Journey to Rio


What a journey to remember for sure…
So marcus decided it’s best he gets to Rio at least a couple of days before we do so he can scope out our apartment.
Thank God I agreed to that.

Well so the kids and I set off to Rio and super excited.

We  flew to maimi then to Columbia. Now thats when I consider the beginning of our south America journey.

Now I am a foreigner….they speak Spanish and I had no clue, but with the help of Google translate I was able to get dinner for the kids and I. But the challenges really started when I got to my gate at avianca.

They told me I can’t get on the flight because I am not booked to be on there…as I was mad and complaining I watched my flight to Rio take off.

Well what I can say now is I will think twice before flying avianca again. With all our travels this was our first airport sleeping moment for us.

So after 24hours of staying in the airport we finally got on our rio flight and made it safely to rio.

So grateful for our safe arrival….but rio is super HOT…

More to come on Rio for the Manns clan


Me and my first girl at the airport in Columbia


In flight from Maimi to Bogota Columbia

Over all we are safe