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A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East heading to Asia...And on and on...

Horseshoe bend Exploration


Driving from Arizona to Utah we did some stops. We explored horseshoe bend and also got to drive around lake Powell. Seeing such wonders of this earth truly makes me feel more humble. We are just but a little fish in a huge pond for sure.

Horseshoe bend was free but since they are having some construction done to out a gate at the park we had to park our rv about 6min away then take the shuttle for $5 per person to the horseshoe park.

Here are pictures we took

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Surprise hun… it’s the sky dive at the Grand Canyon


So for Marcus 45th surprise birthday gift from us all we decided to surprise him with a gift to sky dive the Grand Canyon. He was so surprised.. we blind folded him from the rv place which was an hour away from the airport and we got to make it extra fun for him. He absolutely loved it.

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Biking at Red rock Sedona National park


National parks are our main goal now that we are on the west coast and almost about to conclude our 5yrs of traveling.

We got to bike 🚲 at the red rock monument in Sedona national park. It was beautiful. But I am very very new to biking so it was a bit challenging for me. But we also got to hike and I enjoyed that as we hiked up the brine Mesa (Mesa is just a mountain with flat top) pretty cool.

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A day in Flagstaff Arizona


Some of our most memorable moments are the ones we get to have with love ones. As we arrive in flagstaff we got to hangout with Marcus cousin who lives there and enjoy flagstaff like a resident.

We got to tour the college and the dome where the basketball magic happens. So beautiful.

Here are few of our shots

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Our moments in Florence Arizona


When we say we have LLF’s all around the globe it was not just saying it. As I post and share our moments we get invited to peoples homes and we create awesome memories. This time we got to create memories with Mrs. Twyla Bright. We met in 2000 in Ghana before our oldest daughter was born… so it was so wonderful to be able to bring the kids over for her to see how much they have grown. Such a blessing to have people like her in our lives throughout the years.

Twyla is also an amazing teacher and was able to have us come and have our girls speak to her class which was 5 different classes of 9th to 12th graders at the Poston Butte highshcool. Our girl shared their adventures of traveling and being homeschooled and also inspired the kids about taking responsibility and motivating yourself to do what needs to be done. It was really fun watching my girls inspire and watching the other kids just fall in love with our girls. So grateful for this opportunity we had.

Then we spent our weekend doing some fun stuff like breakfast and tour at the olive mill. We got learn all about the great olive tree and our all time favorite of how olive oil become olive oil. Did you know the oldest olive tree is about 8000 years old? Yeap that’s right… also when you plan an olive tree it take about 2-3yrs to start bearing you some olives. Amazing right.

I had not idea you can even buy chocolate olive oil and so many other varieties. We got to try some and also able to buy some.

After we visited the pork shop… the variety of bacon alone was overwhelming for me… it’s basically a butcher shop that butcher all their meats on-site. We got to tasty they yummy burritos which is make with pull pork and some tasty green chili. By the time we are done we got so stuffed that a nap was needed and so we return home for that well deserved nap.

Overall our time in Florence, sun tan valley and queens creek was surly one to remember. Thanks to Twyla for inviting us into her home and hosting us so grateful. Here are some moments we got to capture during our trip.

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Our Trip to Scottsdale


I must say this city might be my favorite in all of the states… just the feeling when am walking around. That’s why it’s considered the most livable place in Arizona.

I love the apartment buildings, the people, the old town walk, the waterfront places. Just loved it. I can actually see myself living here and it’s very likely.

Kids and I got an Airbnb and spent some days here. Our apartment was beautiful and close to everything.

Scottsdale has a population of $249,654 and I must say it’s just set up right for families and they are super dog friendly.

Here are a few moments of our stay in Scottsdale Arizona.

Thanks to our Airbnb host for adding more fun to our stay.

Scottsdale we will be back… you will see me visit again for sure and might even live here..

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Ski Apache day for us


Coming from Ghana skiing is not in my blood and did not think I was cut out to ski. But I must say am enjoying this new found sport.

Today I got to improve in my skiing skills. Not as good is Marcus and the kids. Am telling you these kids have not fear of fast and heights. I cried at one point on the ski slope like a baby when I run into a tree. Thanks Marcus was around to get me out and coach me through coming down the slope. We spent The Who day there and it was a perfect ski day as the weather was gentle for us.

Here are a few moments we got to capture

Ruidoso New Mexico has been awesome now tome to move on.

It’s 4am and we are on the road heading to Tucson Arizona.

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White Sands National Monument in Alamogordo


Rv traveling as surly been nothing but amazing. As we come close to our final 5yrs of full time traveling. We are almost finishing up the west coast.

We made it to Ruidoso New Mexico and got to drive up north 1 hour from Ruidoso is the White Sands National Monument park and it’s amazing.

It cost us $20 per vehicle. They close the park at 7pm. And from 5pm they have the sunsets stroll which is free so it’s a must do if you are visiting the park. You will learn the history behind the while sands.

Here are a few pictures of our day

Amazing days at the sands…

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Goodbye to Austin Texas


We parked our rv in Austin for 3 months. Yes 3 months that’s just how we roll.

Austin is a great city filled with so much much to and many many food trucks.

We made new friends and we met old friends.

We toured Texas state college and we went to our first college football game. We did it all. We got to swim at the creek… Barton creek pool.

We spent thanksgiving and also got to visit the Christmas light shows at zilker park.

We walked the streets in south congress during the day time and also at night.

We got to eat at Austin best pizza place… called home slice on south congress road.

We also stayed in a line for 2 hours to buy bbq at the famous Franklin restaurant.

We spent hours at the San Marco premium outlet which happens to be my all time favorite… the deals there are amazing and you can spend the whole week there and still possibly miss a store.

The weather in Austin was a bit wired has it changes from day to day… it’s can be 89 degrees Fahrenheit today and tomorrow drop down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our rv park we stayed at is called Austin Lone Star rv park and I must say it’s perfect. We have not traffic issues and we are right in the center of everything. Only 10min to downtown Austin and 2 min to grocery and shopping centers it’s just the right place for us. And it’s $23 a night. Amazing right? Well it was for us.

As we move on we will miss Austin Texas and the friends we made. But as you know we are full time rvers and we must move on and finish our 50 states tour.

Thank you Austin Texas for a great experience

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