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Life in East Hampton…


So we camped at the Nelson’s family campground for 7 weeks. I actually love the campground and what they offer.

During the week it’s super quiet and over the weekend it’s the party city.

Kids and I had our routines and focused on school work as well research for college.

Marcus was able to take his European tour with his guys. We missed him but I think he needed that time with his guys.

We also found a place to eat authentic Ghanaian food and we sure did not miss a bit on that.

The girls also made friends and had sleep overs and fun memories.

Here are few pictures of our life in east Hampton.

Our son is 9yrs…and the party is on..


Our only son turned 9yrs on July 21st and all he wanted was to go to the mall so he can shop at the disney store and the lego shop, then movie night with him and his new best friend.

So I did just that for him and his friend. I took them out to the west farm mall and had them look around the disney shop and also the lego shop which he loves.

After we had lunch at the California pizza place which had one of my now favorite salads.

After we got some ice cream and then we left for the early movie night.

So here is what I think make his day…the whole movie theater was empty and somehow he and his friend thinks that I had rented the whole movie theater just for them two just because it’s his birthday. He said “mommy you are the coolest mommy in the whole world” that surely melted my heart…and through out the movie I was praying not one shows up so his perception of me renting the movie place can keep the excitement going. And no one showed up. Yeyy…

Mission accomplished he had the best birthday ever. His grandparents also bought him a new bike and his daddy brought his gift from his trip which was something mj wanted and have asked for so long. It was the ben10 watch new edition. Oh he light up when his daddy gave him that.

I think over all the day was awesome and he had a great time. Here are some pictires of his day.

Old Home 40yrs in East Hampton event


We happen to stay really close to where this weekend of fun and parades takes place every year for the past 40yrs.

Old home festival is a celebration for the whole family with love music, 5k runs and fun games and slides for kids…and don’t forget the finger licking food trucks around that weekend.

It starts on a Thursday and goes on till Saturday and each night kids are given free raffle ticket to get a chance of winning one of the 20 bikes they give away each night. The bikes are usually donated by companies and individuals around the east Hampton area.

And on Saturday they have the parade on the main street… which is filled with antic cars and businesses showing of what they have to offer the community.

Kids are I had so much fun…just enjoying festivities… so if you happen to be around this area in the summer then checkout this event.

Happy summer time


And she turned 11yrs…wow…tick..tock…


We are so blessed and many times we are reminded by our 4th daughter.

She lives with marcus parents and she is one spoiled princess. She gets the attention of both grandparents.

On July 5th we celebrated Karama Chama Aba Manns our 4th princess as she turn 11yrs.

Marcus mom and all of karama’s aunties made it extra special with a sleepover. Now that’s how you party…

Here are a few snaps of her celebration

Manns Family Explorations Continues

Curly girl festival in New York


New York for me is for carnival and parties and plays…

When I am driving in new York I feel like my life is timed… I just instantly get stressed out. And driving the big truck does not help either.

Even though we camped about 3 hours from new York while marcus took his trip..I still did not take a single trip to new York while he was away.

So this weekend since marcus was arriving back from his trip into new York we decided to venture out. He is going to be driving.

So we did the curly girl festival at the prospect park in Brooklyn.

I must say it was way bigger than I thought. It was huge. I have not seen that many women at one play and women with nautical curly hair.

Now my girls are all curly girls so it made sense to go there. But it was so packed with lines of people trying to get hey free samples.

But they had live music playing some african songs by psquare. So we enjoyed that.

Parking as usual had us running out of the event earlier than we wish.

We had a parking spot but we had to out money in he meter every 1hour…which is unrealistic as we had to walk about 30min just to find the event location and once we got there we had to walk another 30min again just to go out some money in the meter. But our girls went and handled that so it went well.

Here are a few pictures of our curly girl festival

If we lived in new York area we probably will be at this event every year to learn more about curly hair and what works.

Overall it’s a great event for the whole family…

New York weekend Exploration continues

Krav Maga…Glastonbury


So with our travels we try to find activities for our kids to get involved in.

And one of them this time is Krav Maga…its the best self defense. Especially with al our girls we needed a self defense training that we can use if and when we need to.

Below are a few pictures of our training..

Such a great experience and our kids loved it.

All I can say is don’t mess with the Manns crew.

RVing exploration Continues