Our Hollywood florida explorations


We stayed in Hollywood Florida area for 5 days.

My first opinion… beautiful palm trees all around the roads. But the traffic and the road network is very hectic for me. I missed my turns so any times.

Staying on Hollywood area we are only 23min from miami and 20min from fort Lauderdale.

We spent our Saturday afternoon at the swap shop more like a huge overly confusing flea market.

And the same place has one the largest drive in movies in the world. It’s a 14 screen drive in movie spots. So huge its ridiculous.

But we enjoyed it all. We got to watch rampage. You pay $7 for adults and children age 4 to 11yrs pay $2.

Remember with this gate fees you drive your car to the screen you want and watch the movie you want and after you can drive to the other screen to watch another movie. Pretty awesome experience.

And we noticed that there are so many private boats all around the water area. Pretty cool.

RVing exploration Continues…


Kennedy space Center and vero beach


We decided after 2hours of some homeschool work we will go on and explore the world of astronauts.

We drove 1hour to the kennedy space center.

Such an incredible experience. Its definitely worth it all. Really grateful to be able to explore the United states like this.

Vero Beach Exploration continues…

I am 39yrs….wow…feels amazing


Yeap…almost at the life begins at 40 mark…. I turned 39yrs yesterday. I definitely don’t feel that older.

My kids made me tasty breakfast in bed while playing my favorite song by Major.

After our life long friend (LLF) organized a tour at the airport tower on vero regional airport.

After that we spend the evening with her family and had dinner at Mulligan seafood restaurant and it was yummy.

So grateful for a day like this set aside to celebrate our first arrival here.

And with so many messages I say thank you so much

Quality time with The Adzei Family in Florida


We have sure has amazing moments with the Adzei family. In each country they have made it a point to come and spend time with us as least once a year. First it was Rio Brazil…then Rome Italy and now orlando Florida USA. This is becoming our beautiful tradition and our sons look forward to that experience each year.

We have created amazing memories in orlando Florida and for our 2nd time camping in our RV I must say we have fully enjoyed the challenges and adventures that comes along RV camping.

We have learned so much just from accepting the challenges.

Wow…what an awesome start of our 2018 north America tour.

When we have to say goodbye


Saying goodbye to our 4th daughter is always never easy. For 10yrs I have had to say goodbye to her after spending many months with her but that moment always brings me to a very deep emotional tears and ends up crying like a baby.

So our 4th daughter karama gets spoilt and says with marcus parents…her mema and papa…

We have to let her stay with her mema and papa because of her health challenges and she needs to be closer to her doctors.

We drove with her to florida to explore disney with her. After about 10days it’s time to say goodbye so they can go on back to Virginia.

I was an emotional wreck and always go through that for a couple of hours. How I wish she could go on this adventure with us and be with her mom and dad and siblings. Now karama is absolutely loved and cared for and probably super spoilt by her mema and papa and all her care givers. But she is loved and missed so much by her mother.

I try to detach so that I can still live in the moment with her and enjoy the many moments I had with her. But it’s never an easy transaction .

It will take a couple of days when I get into something else with the other kids to keep me occupied.

Thank you so much for all the unconditional love you all give to karama because of that I am able to heal and know she is loved and spoilt.

See you soon karama and know that mommy will always love you and here for you.

Here are a few of our moments

RV exploration Continues

Disneyworld and The Manns clan


So we took our 3 older girls to disney about 7 year ago at that time the other two where babies so we did not take them on the disney adventure .

So marcus decided what best way to start our 2018 tour..with a disney trip. So we went with marcus mom and karama care giver (karama is out 4th daughter who is not able to travel with us due to her health). And this whole disney trip was mainly for her to explore and enjoy.

She was so excited and was so ready to see Mickey and minnie mouse. It was priceless when we saw her face. She was ecstatic and in a whole new world.

We arrived at 9am st margic kingdom and buy did with have a great time.

We got the DAS on our ticket which is for families who have disability person with them.

It sure helped since karama cannot stay in line for hours…not even minutes…lol!!!

Over all we had an amazing experience and created magnificent memories for our whole Manns clan.

RVing Exploration in orlando Continues

Florida Experience


Wow….that’s all I can say…. we landed in orlando florida and parked our RV… staying at the tropical palm. It’s so beautiful and so many RV’s.

We set up everything and ready to party…

Yes party…mema (marcus mom) celebrated her birthday in Florida and it was really nice having her around and celebrating her.

We spent the day grilling and eating and sitting around. It was super hot.

After mom, Ronelle and I set off to go a little sight seeing and checking out the neighborhood.

We spent hours in one single store. After we got our nails done and while at the nail shop the people told us the best place to get margaritas. It was at a place called bahama breeze.

It was so funny and so many memories we create at that place.

We got home at 10pm…so much laughs and margaritas.

Here are a few pictures

RV Exploration Continues…

Atlanta experience


It’s really amazing when you decide to just connect with people and allow.

We had such amazing time in Atlanta with all our friends and families we could connect with.

We stayed and parked our RV at Marcus best friends home. And we took over their home and had a surprise party there to celebrate marcus birthday. As usual it was hard to make it a surprise with marcus as all he does was keep asking why I have so much groceries and cooking so much. Lol…

But over all I think he was surprise to see love ones around him when he walked through the doors.

Here are few pictures of our Atlanta life

So grateful for everyone in Atlanta for helping us create memories.

RV exploration continues….

And our RV adventure continues – Richmond and Bassett


We had such an amazing time in Richmond with marcus aunties and uncles. We cooked some breakfast in the RV and invited everyone to join in on the memorable moment.

Cooked breakfast for 20 people….it was really fun cooking.

The menu was




Fried apples

Pancakes with homemade blueberry compote

Hash browns…

Yes the kids and I cooked all that in our moveable home.

Such a blessing to have love one everywhere we park our home.

And our girls made white Rose’s out of paper napkins for all the aunties…

With aunties and uncles

Surprise dinner for Keisha for her birthday

We visited our mama ruby grave to say a few words of love and to let her know how much we miss her.

Got some hugs from our uncle and auntie

RV explorations Continues

Our first RV trip..Lynchburg, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC


Yes thats how the RV life seem to be unfolding…visiting cities and states in bulk.

What do we all love about the RV life already… it’s when we park our RV in our amazing friends home and we have them over for breakfast or lunch just beacuse.

We started our journey from bassett to Lynchburg va. We spent 2 nights at a camp ground and to be honest we had no clue what to expect..could you believe we did not evening have our water hose or sewage hose to use…lol…

We had to buy them at the RV campgrounds store

After 2 days of skiiing at the liberty snowflex we set off to Maryland and parked at Marcus friends home.

We set up our RV there…and we created magnificent memories that will most likely stay with both families for life .

I got to learn new ways to feed my family healthy nutritious meals. Am so grateful for our friends who teaches us this new ways of living through our daily eating.

We then drove to DC and got to tour the African American mesuem…it was so deep we had to go two days to get all. Will share some pictures below.

After our trip we had a very tasty and warm meal at Marcus friends home. It was so sweet for them to host us for lunch and share some knowledge with our kids.

We also got to spend our evening with a love ones in accockeek and got adjusted. Chiropractic family for life.

We also got to watch the movie wrinkle in time with our family friends and it was truly a fantastic movie to watch with love ones.

We did not stop there 2 days later we drove to Pennsylvania at the liberty skii resort.

We spent about 8 hours learning how yo skii and snowboard. It’s was super cold and windy but we enjoyed it all.

Marcus and kids where bold and went on the higher slopes snowboarding. I more comfortable skiing and with a couple of falls I think i got some moves.

We all enjoyed our journey so much…but I honestly think what makes our RV life extra exciting is our friends that we get to create and spend amazing memories with.

18 months of RV life is going to be epic.

Enjoy some of our pictures below

RV Explorations Continues….