Visit to Taj Mahal


…magnificent Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the world. The emperor had 3 wives the first 2 could not give him children so he married the 3rd wife, who gave him 14 children…while given birth to the 14th child she died at 39yrs old. Out of the 14 kids 8 died during birth. So after she died the king built this Taj Mahal for his wife.

So she actually did not see the Taj she was buried there. And after the king died at 79 yrs they buried him next to his wife. Love is truly a beautiful experience…many many years later many many people have come from afar to view this magnifence. It took 22yrs and 40,000 men to build and at that time in the 1600th hundred it cost about $10,000 to build the Taj Mahal.
Right now it’s priceless

So outside the Taj Mahal they buried the 1st and 2nd wife.

Also the tour guide told us about the myth about the emperor cutting off all the hands of the workers who built the Taj Mahal after they finished building it…reason being that they will not build a replica of it as he wanted it to be one of a kind for his wife.

Also the story was that after building the Taj Mahal he had started building at the back which you can see another memorial for himself but he last son who is selfish and did not agree with his father spending all the kingship money. Killed the 3 older brothers and threw his father into prison and took over the throne. The emperor was in prison for 8yrs.

The story i think needs to be set in a movie…its pretty interesting.

The drive from new Dehli is about 3 hours

Also the entry fee is 1000 rupees for forigners and free for all kids under 15yrs.

And you can take pictures inside and to hire a tour guide is 2500 rupees for the tour which he will tell you all this amazing stories.

Also there are professional camera men out there who will walk with you and take all the right poses. They charge 100 rupees per print. And there are about 60 poses they can create for you….and they can do soft copy too… it’s really worth it all…it’s one of the seven wonders of the world.

Now we have seen 4 of the seven wonders of the world.

So to walk through the tomb you have to put this shoe plastic on…and if you pay the entry fee it comes with it but for the kids you pay 10 rupees to get one.

So breath taking view…

It truly was a magnificent building and the story behind its existence make it even more interesting.

Am so grateful to be able experience this with love ones.

New Delhi Exploration Continues…..


7 tours in one day….New Dehli


Yeap….we got this touring thing down packed after 3 years of travelling. Today the driver we hired for $45 a day to drive us around said its not possible to do 4 tours in a day….i guess he thought we are some amateurs… Anyway need less to say we did 7 must see things in New Dehli and we started from 8am and had 1 hour lunch time and finished at 6pm… Here are some of the places we visited today

1- Raj ghat

2-Chandi Chowk market

3- Red Fort

4- Biggest mosk in new Delhi (old Delhi)

5- Predidents House

6- Parlimemt

7- Asashkadam

I will share pictures and try to explain some rules on the tours and what they are… The president Palace…the whole area reminded me of Washington Dc… Other government buildings around the president Palace Around the president Palace More buildings Parliament house The drive to the president Palace India gate The swim at india gate Kids having fun at the water fountain near india gate At the largest mosque in india Traditional Indian bride dress this one cost about $400 Some Indian saaaree We got this one for her She loved it all Miss sunshine Father and daughter She got this one Old Dehli Red fort tour Tricycle to red tour and old india and mosque cost $3 Mahatma Ghandi memorial The eternal flame Unity This tour was so magnificent they just don’t allow camera in the whole place… is a picture of a picture but the building is breath taking and that’s the real deal at the back A must do tour That’s the whole building while driving into the parking lot…amazing. it’s about $3 to see the shows but entry to the the building is free. No shorts but if you forget they will give you a wrap for free. But you deposit about $1 and once you return the wrap you get your money back Wow….what a productive day filled with tours and must do items when in New Dehli New Delhi Exploration Continues…

3rd largest slum in the world


Most people in this slums live on $1 a day…wow!!! Appreciation is all I can give for the life am given.

Today we went on the famous tour in Mumbai…the slums tour. This same slums was where they shot the movie Slumdog millionaire which came out in 2008 and won the oscars in 2009.

As we walk the slums and see kids playing and running and families cooking and loving fully you realize what is the fuss about in the business world. Like is meant to be lived even with an area that you may not desire to be but you are living and creating a life there.

And this community makes and recycle everything from plastic to aluminium, and old paint cans…our tour guide shared how all the big company’s will come and buy from this people and out their brand name on it…am not surprise as I got to see how leather bags are made from the skins of the animals.

Also we saw people making suitcases…i mean everything you can think of they making it there and yet they are living in the poorest conditions. Like we teach out kids it comes down to two things THINKING and ECONOMICS…you are either thinking for somone or someone is thibking for you..which one would you choose?

The people are so nice and so welcoming…and we where able to visit and enjoy their environment…an hour into our tour it started pouring down rain which is not really exciting when walking in the slums…but we got to sit in the leather shop and wait for the rains to stop.

Our tour guide is very knowledgeable and shared lots of information with us about life in the slums and am so grateful that he gave us the opportunity to visit with him. The name is this slum is called Dharavi. About 1 million people live here in the slums.

Pictures not really allowed so we manage to take a few before going down…

Our son making friends already…

The factory for sorting plastic waste


Recycle items that we saw them crush

The exact location the movie slumdog millionaire was shot in the police chase. It was a day scene but with 1 million people the crew had to shoot that scene at 3am and paid the people around there to leave their lights on to have more lights for the scene…

Our walkway through the slums it was dark…

A scene in the Slumdog movie

The movie

The slums from the upper view

Rainy and muddy around the slums

This is home to about 1 million people

Really grateful for the life we have…and am truly grateful for my family in Ghana for giving me an awesome life…and super grateful for my husband for giving me this new life…am truly grateful and so glad to be able to see how blessed I am to be able to do what am doing with my kids.

Mumbai Exploration Continues…

Elephanta caves tour


And we got to spend another awesome day with our friends. They took us to see the elephanta caves in South of Mumbai

Now the journey there was interesting as we decided to explore the train system since we have our friends with us. So at 7am we went to the take the train from Borivali to gateway india. And there we catch the ferry to the elephanta caves island.

Let me just give you a little history on th caves

Elephanta Caves (the cave temples at the historical site of Elephanta are dedicated to Shiva) are a network of sculpted caves located on eleohanta island or Gharapuri (literally “the city of caves”) in mumbai Harbour its about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the east of the city of mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The island, located on an arm of the Arabian sea consists of two groups of caves—the first is a large group of five Hindu caves, the second, a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. The Hindu caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, representing the Shiva Hindu sect, dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

Before the train ride…..

Am ready…7am and it’s 35 degrees Celsius..oh and that’s our apartment building at the back..the tallest building in the area.

Bus ride to train station

Marcus trying to be like the pro’s hanging off a moving train…lol

Fans in the train…

Super packed…its amazing

It’s tight for sure

Marcus and Zubian having fun…

Being a kid

Indian breakfast…

Our ride to the island…

My familiar…

Me and my date for the day…

A little nap on the 1 hour boat ride…

Man got comfortable…

Everyone knocked out….

Being ourselves..

A small train ride on the island

This monkey grabbed someone’s coke and was enjoying it all

Cave 1 down…

Its so hot out here

Such a beautiful journey but super hot and humid and sweaty and sticky…. but we are grateful for our friends making our day in Mumbai another memorable one for sure.

Just on cost aspect….train for 8 of us to and return cost $5

And the entry fee for the caves was $7 .60 per person for forigners and .46 cents for citizens and kids under 15yrs are free entry.

Mumbai Exploration Continues

First date night in Mumbai….


Yeap…we had our first date night in the city that does not sleep..mumbai. And it was epic….

A beautiful place in andheiri area called Barbeque nation…and this is no joke when they say all you can eat barbeque…they bring the small table grill to you and they keep bringing you the chicken, shrimps, mushrooms, fish, rabbit meat, gizzard, livers, clams…those are just the grill they bring to you…then you have the main course which is soups and salads and more meats.

Oh and they will keep bringing the grills until you put you flag down and give up….it was really a lovely evening with our LLF’s. Zubian and her beautiful fiancee Fizzah. So grateful we got to meet them….super duper awesome host here in Mumbai.

Here are a few pics of our barbeque nation night.

Yeap…i got my day off for sure

My handsome date…

Funny face wirh Fizzah our amazing friends

Our grill is ready our host is tasting some stuff before we eat…i told you they are awesome..

Our grill is on fire….

Let the clams flow

Scallops for the night

Tasty all you can eat grill

Corn fritter…

Lamb liver and gizzard

And you get this guy going around to serve you tequila shots…

This guy is making me my favorite paratha

They trying my paratha for me

Dessert is on….kufie…probably got the spelling wrong…

All our dessert options

And our flag went down after many grills and laughs

And we ended the night very…

Such a great evening with amazing people…am so grateful for them both

Mumbai Exploration Continues….

Life and festivals in Mumbai


Still enjoying what Mumbai has to offer us… making friends and just trying to stay cool in this hazy city.

Here are a few pictures of some festival event’s from last night. This is their dance festival.

When the crowd is moving the god

The generator at the back of the truck producing light that flashes on the god on another truck…

Live music

The lights and decorations

Beautiful colors

Lights everywhere

She is my bestis

My first and my last

The waffle swing…

All blue

He is home…

Hubby getting a hair cut requires a team effort

Having street food lunch

He is loving yoga

Walking around thukur village

Beautiful memories here…

Mumbai Exploration Continues…..

Daily Life in Mumbai


We are still exploring Mumbai and learning new things.

Like my son asking me why people have lemon and peppers hanging at the back of their cars?

Well I don’t know but will surly ask our amazing friends.

So I did and its believed that it keeps evil spirits or bad stuff away…well I guess it’s not only in Africa its everywhere just done differently.

And now lets talk about walking on the streets and its super hot and humid. You can stopped by this beautifully designed stalls and a gentleman will serve you some nice chilled water for free. Yes…its free for all. Am suoer grateful for sure.

And he us home…arrived today and am excited and kids are glad to have their daddy back home especially our son MJ…he says it’s time for boys stuff…and I say it’s time for some date nights.

Found this sleeping gowns for $3 And in the states its $20 tell me about it. Buying them for my 4th Princess she love them.

And that’s the water stall…

So thankful…

My 14yr old sent me this…she says it’s her first card she plans on having…and she stamped her name on it…awesomeness

And her first house she sent me also…am excited for her

New friends…my son made a friend..and we got to join them on his 8th birthday

Making new friends is such an am Awesome feeling

Mj new friend…

She is absolutely adorable i had to get a picture

When at an 8yr old boys party and the noise is loud…

Selfie time and weired face…at an 8yr old Indian birthday party…at an American fast food joint McDonald’s and they are playing and Spanish song Despacito…and you are from Africa…4 cultures all merged in one great and loud evening in Mumbai

Its dance and music festivals in Mumbai

Our amazing friend spoiling mJ

Hair cut with an M

For 40 cents I can take him on a date….

When aasha saw then killed and skin live chicken she cried and said she wants to be a vegetarian…

Different way to cleaning the fish…

$6 a kilo….

$3 for 6 medium size that can feed my whole clan

They are becoming independent in their own tuk tuk…

No paparazzi mom…lol…

Still enjoying our experience here in Mumbai…now that hubby is home we will do more tourist stuff…. Will share pictures as it unfolds

Mumbai Exploration Continues…

Juhu, Bandra and the Arabian sea all in one night


And again our LLF’S helped us create another magnificent evening in Mumbai.

They scooped us up andin the car we laughed and sung all the way to Bandra…

We visited our Mary of the Mount (which is like st Mary) but since this one is near the sea and on a mountain they derive that name. It’s a beautiful original church built by the British.

So Bandra is for the rich and famous of Mumbai… now for me seeing that was a bit of a shock since it did not have the super fancy houses nor did the streets lights up with all the bling…

But what I loved was it was alive with people and the rushing sounds of the Arabian sea hitting the rocks makes it all famous for me.

We visited one of Indians famous actor whom I love but never new his name until today. And we got to take pictures infront of his home. Which we are not the only ones taking pictures infront of his house… apparently every year on his birthday hundreds of people gather infront of his house just to get a glimpse of him standing infront and just having a blast with his fans.. noe thats a sight I would have loved to see…but hey maybe our next trip to Mumbai will be around his birthday.

After our Bandra visit and some walks on the shores of the Arabian beach…we headed to the well known juhu beach…

First impression the beach was very filthy….my …we had a discussion how it could possobly be this dirty… but who are we judge.

The view with the beach lights and the lovely snack and food area makes it a must visit at night.

You can walk the beach or just bring you a beach mat and enjoy the vast nature of the Arabian Ocean…

We also got to taste lots of snacks…some did not go well for us but the already peeled tamarind was our fav… it was tasty and the sliced green apples…. now I think Indians loves snacking and that explains all the snacks they sell on the streets…and their huge sweats shops….

Am so grateful we met our new LLF’s as without them venturing out like that at night would have been a no no for me and kids and the trying of new foods…. at least until Marcus arrives.

Oh and my favorite part of the night was those tasty grilled chicken Tikka….it was a hit…tasty and juicer all in one.

What a great evening and pictures below…hope you enjoy scrowing up through the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Our night started off with some snacks…apply pie and some chicken pastry…

And that’s the famous actors home Shah Rukh Khan

And that’s him…shah Rhuh Khan

Inside our mount of Mary church

And outside the church they sell wax figures of things and you can buy some and take it to the opposite sight and offer it to a statue and make a wish for on what you desire….you can see i had a house…Destiny said her knees hurt from walking so she got two legs and our friend hot an airplane…so we took them up and made a wish for these matrial things to come true.

Our son making his wish…

And you can buy some colored candles and burn when you go up

View of the church

Our LLF making her wish…

The Arabian sea view from the church

When the Arabian sea is your back door and the front view is a famous actors home…

Sisters for life

They love the camera

I got a pose in

A fun night

Bringing usain Bolt to india

And they pose

Who run the world? Girls girls….

Ok thats a brain street food of some animal…

And the fun began…with this view

Ok this I have to try to explain…its egg white kind of boiled but it was just a bit weired and the middle part has grilled lamb… all I can say is we tasted it and that was all we could do…

Lamb in white sauce

That was our favorite…

Some street snacks….green sliced mango and some tamarind…really love them all

Destiny being silly acting like a blind person on the beach…

Juhu beach filled with people

Picture of the crew

A selfie is in order

After MJ almost got eaten by 4 beach dogs…we laughed and had to turn around….

And on this beautiful beach there are some guys sitting around with a basket of oils and you can get a neck and shoulder massage right there at the beach for 50 rupees which is about 85 cents.

We saw someone with their shirt off laying on a mat getting a massage…am not sure about the sand.

Snack time again….pan…this sweats wrapped in some green leaf…it was tasty minty flavoured.

Shaved icy….it was ok till they added the salt…and we all gave up on the idea…so without the salt is a great way to get sugar high.

Her first taste….she is like mommy can I get just chocolate ice cream…

All I can say….our nights in Mumbai are starting to be super awesome….

Mumbai Exploration Continues…..

Gateway of India with our new LLF’S


Yes we have made some amazing LLF’S here in Mumbai..

And today they came and picked us and spent the whole evening with us just exploring south of Mumbai.

We got to see the iconic Taj Mahal hotel as well as the gateway india…. And walked the promenade.

Am telling you we laughed and sung and laugh and ate and laughed again for hours.

Am so grateful for such friends we meet as they truly are the ones who makes our travels more special.

Free to laugh and just free to be you….we walked the busy markets of south Mumbai at 11pm and am telling you people are still selling and the streets are buzzing.

With sweets all over the place…and the buzzing noise of the horns can really get you biting some calories out here on this streets. Lol..!!!

Really could not thank our two LLF’S enough they are truly one amazing people and we will always have them in our hearts and will always remember this amazing experiences they gave us tonight.

Now lets share some exploration pictures…

This is the smallest popsicle ever…

Some india rice dessert

This lamb bone is not making it in the trash…

Still in birthday mode

We all eat together.. We are all ONE

Let the fun begin….

Eat of be eaten….lol!!!

Yeap thats our dinner…rice with boiled egg and some potatoes and all day roasted lamb

Let’s get a picture before digging in …

Spicy but tasty…

Reading the history behind gateway india

Let’s just make it more exciting

The nee edition to Taj Mahal hotel

Girls only

Me and my new life long friend

Girls only allowed…

We are family….

Memories with my kids

Our snack before our main dish…all veggie

Road to south Mumbai

The bridge into south Mumbai

Best coffee in india made by an Indian guy

More gateway india discussion

Taj Mahal hotel

What am amazing night with amazing new friends.

Mumbai Exploration Continues….

Sweet 16 in Mumbai


As we travel our kids end up having their birthdays in different countries. And somtimes this countries are places we don’t know anyone and have yet to make any friends.

And Mumbai happens to be one of them for our oldest daughter Destiny.

She turn 16yrs yesterday and as we all know sweet 16 is a hit for more teenagers her age.

So as a mother I had to put my thinking cap on and get to work.

We woke up in the morning excited and ready to hit the streets to celebrate my oldest.

I knew that kids her age love pampering so we started the day with some gifts that she wanted…some beautiful fashion sun glasses.

Then we went to Enrich salon which I had booked a spa day for her…

She had manicure and pedicure… then got hand and feet massage

After she had her hair washed and blow dry and flat iron and ready for her day.

Thanks to this amazing team at the ENRICH salon they surprised Destiny with a birthday care and a candle….ohhh…she had tears in her eyes and was so surprised. And so happy.

Am so grateful for what they did for my daughter. Thank you enrich salon

Now after we decided to have lunch at the Infiniti mall in malad

Then we went on a shopping spree….

She got 2 shoes she says she loves…from aldo and vans.

Also got necklace and other goodies.

Then had dinner at the food court and homebound. I think as a mother I created the best day I could possibly create for her and she said she really enjoyed her day.

Am so grateful that we can celebrate her on her 16th birthday.

Love you Destiny Alberda Adjoa Manns

What an awesome day….

Mumbai Exploration Continues