Food Hunt in Nairobi Kenya


Well !!!

With Nairobi we are yet to find the meals that will excite us. most of the dishes are starchy base just like we have in my home country Ghana.

One day I decided to go and visit the local market and it was interesting how it reminded me of Ghana. But what I saw that I have never seen in Ghana is that the Kenyans make Chapati right in the open market. So me being a bread lover it sure made my day at the local market.

Also I visited toi market which is also a local market that sell fresh fruits and veggies. Now I feel that place needs an upgrade. when it rain don’t even venture….its muddy and not so much of an adventure you would want. But when its dry and not muddy moments, you are then on the right track to finding great deals on your fresh produce.

What I saw that I was fascinated about, is this woman who is frying large Tillapia right on the street and it sure looked appetizing since you get to pick the size of this huge fish and she takes the scales off and she puts some salt around the cavities of the fish then she drops it in this scotching hot oil and deep fry’s it for you to take home and enjoy. I had to try one and it was worth the smoke that I inhaled from just standing by the fire waiting on my fish. you must try this while in Nairobi.

Also I noticed that in Nairobi they had lots of varieties of greens but was not sure how they use it since I really did not see it on the menu at restaurants.

Now another food Hunt moment was when I saw men grilling corn by the road side. and what really was new to me is that they will grill your corn and you can dip it in a chili pepper that is just sitting in front of them. That was a big surprising to me. In Ghana our corn is dipped in salt water but in Nairobi its chili all the way. Not my favorite with the chili but I tried it once.

Food Hunt is being fun…see you back soon

street foodstreet food 2

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