Lavington Nairobi Kenya


Karibu ( Swahili meaning “Welcome”)

Our first month in Nairobi was not easy to adjust to the environment. Especially coming straight from Capetown the city of buzzing activities.

We are staying in a great location, called Lavington. walking distance to the famous Junction mall and walking or bike riding distance to most activities. I personally think if you are just visiting Nairobi then consider staying around Lavington area.

After a few weeks we started our activities. We hired a chess coach who comes to our apartment 3 times a week to teach our family how to become master chess players ( as they say chess teaches you the way of life….Thinking ahead ). About 5 min drive from our apartment is the Lavington Green Mall that is where we spent most of our hours in the day.

We joined the Bikram Yoga class there which the whole family get to practice the art of peaceful moments and also being flexible. ( the saying goes “if you don’t use it you will loose it”). We practice Yoga as a family 5 days a week and so far everyone is enjoying the journey. We also signed our kids up for Gymnastics,  as you know  with kids jumping without any control can always make their day.

We have made great friends in Nairobi now and enjoying play dates and movies days with our new life long friends.

will be right back with more adventure


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