Millionaire Chess Tournament In Nairobi


Today was awesome as our 3 older kids participate in their first Chess Tournament.

We as a family started learning to play chess with our coach Uncle Brain less than 2 months ago. When uncle B mentioned the to us about playing in the tournament. we said why not.

So we signed our 3 oldest up for the tournament.

In the cold weather in Nairobi at this time of the year waking up and leaving the house at 7 am was tough but we had built the kids up for the excitement the day will bring to our family.

3 sisters playing in the same tournament….super fun…

So we arrived at the KICC ( Kenya International Conference Center) at 7:30am and the coach was already there so excited that the girls are confident to want to compete in this tournament.

so after many taking many pictures and meeting the other players from all over Africa and USA we just gave our girls the pep talk….play for fun and do your best….

So we waited for the games to start before leaving the area because they don’t allow parents to watch or another except you are the press or an organizer.

So we left and while on our way 20 min later the coach calls and he was so excited and also says he is having a tears of joy moment. Destiny our 13yrs old had just won her game and check mate her opponent. I was in tears and on the phone the coach was just screaming.

The reason being that this girls have been playing for less than 2 months and the opponents have being playing this tournaments for years and training so it was worth the tears of joy we both had.

Below is a picture of the kids with their chess coach Uncle Brian. He is very passionate about teaching kids to master the art of playing chess. So if you are in Nairobi and wants you and your family to learn chess then please check out his facebook page Terrian Chess Academy and also his website

I am home now just relaxing and watching the results on the website.

You can also follow the girls game by clicking this link and click on their name Destiny Manns, Aasha Manns and IMAHKUS Manns.


girls with chess coach

I am a proud Queen on this Chess board..


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