2nd Handing Clothing Adventure in Toi Nairobi


So many are probably wondering what would I be doing at a 2nd hand clothing market when my kids are suppose to be playing a chess tournament this weekend.

Well after I dropped the girls off at their chess tournament, mommy had to find something to do. So I decided to take a trip to Toi market which is a place in Nairobi that sells used cloths. I did not expect to find anything worth buying or my time. But I was shocked…..it was packed with people everywhere and lots of foreigners.

So I went down to and started a journey that took me 2 days trip to Toi market….LOL!!! don’t blame me, I am a woman and still got a little bit of shopping genes in me.

Clothing at this market was barely used. And absolutely great bargaining prices. I bought a Norman Jones coat for Ksh 1,000 which is about $10.50. You know what that means to me, especially  having 5 kids….it means keeping looking around for great deals.

I left there and spent about $70. bought 5 designer brand coats, 4 sweaters for my son, 6 pair of jeans for the girls, and some cardigans for myself. I literally had bags of cloths that was so much cheap than I could have imagined. And they are barely used. Oh!! and this people at the market they wash and iron the cloths before selling them, as least from the place I bought mine.

So if you are in Nairobi Toi market is a place to quickly check out and grab something that you left at home. So if you read through my other blog remember you can visit toi market also for your reasonably priced fruits and veggies….SO TOI all the way

So after our Toi Market trip I enjoyed it so much I decided to go again the next day after dropping the kids off at their chess tournament and spent about 5 hours there again.

My weekend was defiantly a weekend to remember


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