David Sheldrick Wild Life Center


And it’s that time of the year….Mothers day to all the mothers in the universe.

We all woke up early today even though it’s a sunday and it’s the day that we get to sleep in. We had to wake up early because we wanted to visit the Elephant Orphanage center.

From research we suppose to be there exactly 11am when the baby elephants comes up to drink their milk.

We waited for our Taxi driver John at our apartment to pick us up at 9:30am. So he arrived and we loaded up the car with everyone.

Drove to Karen which is about 45min away from Lavington.

So we arrived there and waited for them to allow us into the area where the elephants comes.

It was pretty awesome seeing how the elephants comes in a queue and the guards have this huge feeding bottle filled with milk and each elephant gets 2 whole bottles of milk and they consume it in 5min of less. super cool…

The kids got to touch the elephants and also listened to the story why  and how those elephants came about.  Some of the elephants came to the orphanage because their parents died or they fell in a well and some of them was attacked by other wild animals.

We really had a great time at the orphanage and seeing the kids faces as they watch the elephants and touch them was a very rewarding mothers day gift.

lots of pictures below

20150510_102445 20150510_102503 20150510_105955 20150510_110126 20150510_110150 20150510_110501 20150510_110852 20150510_110924 20150510_102435 20150510_110051 20150510_113750 20150510_113806

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