Our First Full day In Bangkok


Sawdsdi ( Sawadikaaa) meaning Hello in Thai…

So after a long street food hunt we woke up the next day at 12noon, so tired but for some reason being tired produces more energy for a city like Bangkok.

We got up and walked back ont the street. We had a great lunch.

Then we went to the BTS station ( sky train station) to buy our train pass…That was a funny adventure since we had not idea how to communicate with the people what we really wanted…LOL!!

But we finally go through by using an app on my Samsung Note 4 phone called Translate….it really helped since you can type in english and choose the language you want it to translate into for you and this time we choose Thai.

So for 6 BTS pass and some money on it we paid 1,200 Baht ( $36) so we are all set to travel around the Sukumvit area.

We got on the BTS at the station called ….Name below in this picture


So we got on the BTS and headed to Terminal 21 which is one of their biggest malls in Bangkok. We got off at E4 which is right in front of the mall.

The mall was huge with 10 levels and each level is labeled like a country. So they had Istanbul, San Francisco, London, Paris, Rome, India, Caribbean, Food court, Hollywood and a parking lot .

The place was a shopping definitely for shoppaholics…LOL!!!

20150523_143612 20150523_143643 20150523_143805 20150523_151220 20150523_164519 20150523_164320

At the food court they do not take cash at the food stands you will have to buy a food card ( the card is free ) but you load it with some money. We bought 2 cards and loaded it with $12 ( which is 700 baht). The card expires in 30days but if after that day you still have money on it you can take it to them and they will give you cash back. So its great to have that if you do visit Terminal 21.

Now this was really new to me…the food court was packed with options of foods and one that I really loved was the healthy fries….yeap healthy fries…

This was at a place called Mama Monkey. They have fried bananas like french fries and, fried banana cheese balls. everything is based on using banana.

20150523_172528 20150523_172521 20150523_172159

As we walked around the food court we realized 99% of the things they eat are so healthy…lots of fruits and veggies. lots of smoothie stands freshly made. So you know us we had to try some and it was really good.


blenders ready to make fresh smoothies


So when you buy the coconut and drink the water then they serve your ice cream in it too…


ready for salads


choose and let me grill


No need to print menus…we prepare the dish and show them to you…LOL

We can live here for years…..


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