Safari world (Asia Disney) Bangkok


Just chilling around

He winked at me

He winked at me

So pretty

So pretty


Beautiful Flamingos

Beautiful Flamingos

Father and son saving the world

Father and son saving the world

We are family

We are family

He got to ride a Pony...

He got to ride a Pony…

They where Huge...

They where Huge…

My faviroute buddies

My faviroute buddies

We are about to start...

We are about to start…

what  if he came alive??

what if he came alive??

Elephant show off...

Elephant show off…


And she flipped…


Had to take one with the Thai lady…


He looks hungry


Best one to take a selfie…


My two tigers


They made our day…

20150602_164803 20150602_165119 20150602_164459 20150602_163848

The park was really awesome…its the closest we have gotten to this wild creatures…They told us to stay in our cars and lock the doors and all windows up. Our taxi we took there drove us through the park which is filled with wild animals and they come close to our car. The whole day our Taxi guy was kind of like a tour guide…and we paid total going and coming back home…the whole trip and park stuff was about 7 hours and taxi driver with us the whole day cost us $50…Super duper cheap. Lovely place for the kids and parents too.

Great place to Visit…took us about 40min to get there. We took a taxi so we did not use the travel agenct…Save about $130 for going by ourselves. So when you are in Bangkok just roll on your own…its fun and you are on your own time.

Bangkok exploration continues…

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    • You mean how the animals acted towards us? Or you mean how the animals are treated at the park? Either way..the animals where in an area that was safe for us to be around them. So it was not dangerous at all to be there. The park team seem to be really great with the animals. So all in all a great place to visit


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