Another Weekend Market


Wow!!! That’s all I can say….But Thai people know how to make a weekend market (which is only Friday,  Saturday and sunday) look like our regular all week market in Ghana ( Makorla).

And Thai people loove to shop…LOL!!!

Today at the weekend Market…got to spend the whole day with all the kids but was able to slip away with my oldest for a girly moment while the others play at the park. Super safe for the kids.

Pictures below….


That’s Destiny and I getting a foot massage. It’s her first time so she is super excited and was very grateful that I let her experience that.


Paella in Asia…that guy definitely not Asian…lol


Looks yummy now let’s check out the taste…


At the park we did it all…eat, play and shop.


Let’s dig in family…family that eat together stays together…lol!!

Bangkok exploration continues

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