Bonding with my oldest around Thai cooking


Loved Thai food so much today I had another Thai cooking lesson.

Had it with my amazing friend Shira and what a way to bond with my 13 yr old who also loves to cook.

Pictures below will put all together for you


My oldest trying a new snack out…she had a funny face…


Such a flovourful snack in thailand. It’s filled with limes, ginger, fried coconut and peanuts all wrapped up and topped with this tasty sauce. Yummy


Getting our thai fish cakes in the fryer…yummy


Thai fish cake served with sweet baby cucumber dressing…my mouth was having an opera session…lol…LA…LA..


Getting ready to stuff our fish with thai herbs and steam


Shira giving our red snapper a thai massage before she hits the sauna…lol!!!


Ready and all prepared for her sauna (steam fish with thai herbs)


Now this was a hit… Thai chicken and rice.


Making life long friends through cooking. …amazing.

Bangkok exploration continues. ..

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