Trip to the famous Floating Market


The floating market day was filled with excitement ahead. All ready to explore the famous market.

Well all I can say is it’s not what we all expected especially from the online pictures.

And what really ticked me off was the fee they charged for that boat ride. After taking the taxi there for the whole day which was $60 it’s a 2 hour journey out of bangkok. I can’t complain with that price. Having a taxi for the whole day for that price was absolutely worth it.

But once you arrive there they jack you up with a $90 fee for taking the bangkok handmade speed boat.

Now try to negotiate but I said oh well we are here let’s just do it and for all we know it’s going to be fun.

well it was ok but definitely not worth an all day taxi and a 2 hour drive and my $90….

And the prices was outrageous of the things they are selling. A bottle of water there is 20 baht and on the main land we pay

7 that is a rip off…

After our floating market trip we did the elephant I think the kids had a lot of fun on this farm touching live animals.

A stop at the coconut sugar farm was they make the coconut sugar.

A stop at the coconut sugar farm was fun….how they make the coconut sugar.



Girls got to pet a white lion


She was so scared but still did


Mommy can we take her home…?

My brave little man…

Elephant ride…


Get me off mommy…this animal is huge…


She was so scared she stopped!


His new ride….first to get on and loved it.


She was so cute….

How about we adopt this one




Lighting a candle and incense at the temple


Sticking the gold sheets on the Buddha


Lighting their incense and candle


Feeding some hungry fishes

Overall it was a great experience for us

Bangkok exploration continues. ..

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