Star City Day in Phillippines


So here is the deal…my friend Jenneth who invited us to mass this morning mentioned to me that there is a theme park next to the place so it will be great to spend the whole day in that area.

She told me that is I purchase the ticket online will save 50% off each ticket. And the place to do that online is and oh yes I saved my 50% with a smile on my face.

So after lunch kids and I spent the whole day there. They had rides for outside and also inside rides incase of the rain you can still enjoy the day.

While there the kids made more life long friends. Spent the rest of the day there with them.

The park opens from 2pm till 11pm  (with all rides still working in the evenings pretty awesome right?).

Over all we have had a very fun filled day.

Pictures below


We are ready to have fun


Ok first picture before kids start running their own way…


We are ready to take down the city…


Don’t mess with the Manns clan


Time for some rides with my boy


More rides


Ok it’s freezing our here at snow world…


Life long friends


Girls with their new friends….


More fun stuff

Phillippines exploration continues….

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