Grocery Box to Superman (boy)


Kids are really such great inventors  after returning from the grocery store with an empty box that my items was put in…my 6yr old  boy Mj begged me if he could keep the box,  that he wants to build a house with it.

I was hesitant for a while thinking to myself he is just going to cut it up and make a big mess which I will end up cleaning.
But he quickly used his charm on me…and I gave in.

30min later….

While cooking in the kitchen he ran in there and asked me to see what he actually did with the box that he changed his mind and created a super hero.

It was so worth it, letting him create with that empty box.


So that’s his sister aasha who helped him put it all together…mj is in the box about to pop out and show me what he can do…


And he is out….about to take the trash out and save the day…


You can see the cape on the back of the box….lol!!!

He really had a great time doing that.

Earlier on I had the chance to take a picture with batman character while walking to the grocery store. So it’s all about super hero day in my house.



I was with IMAHKUS going to the grocery store so she got to take  pose too….

Who said we can not have it all while travelling….superhero day went very well….

Phillippines exploration continues. …..

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