Well let’s see how this story line will go…

Woke up early today because its one of the days we have to leave our apartment early for the weekly cleaning.
So got up and all prep up ready for what I consider an awesome upcoming day for the whole family. Going to play archery at timesquare mall.

Destiny our oldest decided today is not a day for her to be out so she wants to rest at home…I was not too excited about her decision but since she explained that she was just tired I felt I have to respect her decision.

So marcus and I and the rest of the bunches set off…all excited because marcus was taking Mj (our 6yr old boy) on his daddy date. Mj himself was super excited and even started teasing his sisters.

Got to the train station at PWTC platform all ready to board our train….just waiting on it to show up.

Then marcus and I sat down and the other kids found a spot to sit also while we wait on the train.

Then we heard a hit….and a scream and blood all over the ground….

It’s was our son…..Lord…I felt like my world just collapsed on me as I watch marcus run to him and said keep the head up….and blood just gushing out…I thought I lost my only son…

Then I remembered something that I have been practicing since having kids….stay calm the kids are watching how I react so they also decide how they act…so I took in deep breaths and just listen to instructions from marcus. Wish I took pictures of the blood but was so deep into figuring out what we have to do next.

So I run downstairs to get a first aid kit….which they don’t have so please stay out of danger while at the train station because no medical attention available.

After cleaning the blood and finally getting him calm from crying and scared of his own blood.

We rushed him to the nearest hospital to make sure that he does not need stitches.


Blood all cleaned and trying to figure out if he can tell us what hurts….head, teeth, gum ect.


Arrived at the hospital….he did not want to sit in the wheelchair…he was not excited about that at all…


They checked him and said we have 2 options. Wait for a couple of days to see if it heals by itself with some antibiotics and pain killers or put him to sleep right away and stitch him up….well both the doctor and Marcus agree it’s not that urgent to stitch so just keep an eye on it for now…


Getting it all cleaned up


That’s how he looked swollen lip(a little cut inside) and bruised face….

Funny but after all this with our energy around him…he asked his daddy “can we still have our daddy date please?” So his wish was granted…


He did get his wish….daddy date with laser tag and a movie and some ice cream…


It could have been our worse nightmare but God is always watching over us….he is alright and playing all around like nothing happened…


I got to get a pose in before we left him and marcus to have their father and son moment


Well the girls and I decided to get into something fun…archery…


She is on point…


Ready to take over…


I think I got this…lol!!


Hey picture first…target later…

Over all our day was excellent with us having a super challenging but yet fun day…

Malaysia Exploration¬† Continues…


About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East heading to Asia...And on and on...

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