The Law of Attraction with my ViSA


Staying calm and sending to the universe what I MAVIS desires I got what I want…


Arrived at the Argentina embassy and after checking my documents the embassy said I need to.extned my brazil visa since it expires on monday…. the stress of those words hit me in super shock and she said it takes 14 days before I can get my visa..😥😥😥I was worried and my energy changed to stress

Now I started to call everyone in rio and they all said getting extension is the most dredful event in rip especially because I don’t speak potuguese.

Now am actually in a panic mode.

So I rushed to the airport to try and enquire all I need to know to get my extension done.

Go there and it was packed. But at this point my body energy is changing gradually to where it should be..grateful to be a love state

Met a guy who helped me with smiles and with my smiles too…

Then I got to the counter…got all documents they need but 1 paper which I had at home…oh well my energy was changing again scary thinking after all the wait and help from this guy if I leave now am doomed….but I said I will leave and I will stay calm and tomorrow I will come back. Since they told me I need that paper to get my visa extended.

Got home super tired..
Open my bag and the paper I was looking for wad inside bag so all this while it was in my bag and I could have used it.

This morning 6am woke up with a smile… I am given a new white paper to draw my day

So I started…with smile all over my face. On our way to the immigration place I saw a beautiful rainbow… and I told Aasha the universe is telling me today will be awesome. Aasha looked at and said ok mommy.

Got to immigration and at 8am they open the door. The officer calls me into his office at the back where they process all the visa and said wait here. At 8:20am  he gave me my passport with my desired visa extension….now that is call the law of attraction in the making.

Now she said they usually take 14 days to process any visa

But she asked me to wait and she went to the back
1hour later she called inside to the back meet the consulate…with smiles on my face and my energy just pouring of love and positivity. We sat at the office with the consulate and he was so impressed with our family and what we are doing that he even took time to read our travel blog while I was comfortably sitting in his office.

Well here is the breaker….my visa will be ready tomorrow at 11am…yeap in 24hours I manifested everything that people said it cannot be done….I created and all with my EMOTIONS

Such an awesome awesome people at the Argentina embassy even though I did not speak potuguese or spanish. They welcomed us with love. Really grateful for all the team at the Argentina embassy for their patience and love for people like me who did not have a clue of the process due to language issues.

I am so grateful to you Marcus for showing me this path.

Oh and the lady at the embassy said tomorrow she will tell me all I want to know about Argentina and I am so grateful for her patience with me..I have made a friend with me being able to stay calm.

We all have in us the power to create…now you will get scared and panic it’s ok just know how to shift is the lesson here.

Brazil Exploration Continues

At 10am I arrived at the embassy with a shock from the lady she said you have your extension…wow!!!


About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East heading to Asia...And on and on...

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