The Ups and Down of Countries


So if you have read my blog you will see that Brazil was tough for me especially since we had the language issues and also my experience with the post office team. Well that went all away when I made great friends that made all seem like it was worth the wait to make amazing friends.

Well in Argentina it’s very differnt since there is no wait and not much I can do…lol!!!

The dog shit on the side walks are outrageous stinky….my goodness…every step you take there is a potential of you stepping in a fresh dog shit…lol! And it smells awful. Their law of picking up after your dog poop is not enforced or practiced like Rio.

So if you do decide to visit Argentina just be mindful where you step because  if you step in any of this poops you will be cleaning for months just to get the smell off you. It’s so bad my 13yr old decided to write in her business letter for school, she wrote to the road and transportation department  here to talk about ways to enforce the law of picking up after your dog on the street.

Now that we are done talking about dog poop…let’s talk about people…the Argentines are really nice people and willing to help lost people like me and my family. So I say thanks for that….

Now let me tell you about the other people that am not sure if they are Argentines  (they actually are ) the taxi drivers…oh they are like silent killers…slowly draining every pesos out of you before you exit their taxi.
I took a taxi one time going from a mall that is about 10min from my house…..and with the meter on, the taxi took me around circles for at least 1hour…I saw the same buildings at least 3 times and a bill that would have cost me $4 ended up costing me $19 after he dropped me home. Oh I was furious and asked him why are we going circles and of course at this point he acted like he did not even understand any english…lol!!
It’s so bad that they will go that extreme just to make money that they don’t deserve.

So now I am all about Uber which is what I take anyways until I can’t get uber. But uber just started 3 months ago here so the taxis don’t like them and are messing up uber drivers car if you come to pick up someone around a place filled with taxi drivers. But am really all for uber.

Anyways I guess over all the dog poop is the only one I can’t seem to avoid….lol!!!!

But we do love Argentina and the Argentines

Argentina Exploration Continues…..


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A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East heading to Asia...And on and on...

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