Road Trip to Atlanta


I think one of my peeps for homeschooling my kids is the fact that I can pack them up and we can take a long weekday or weekend trip without feeling like i need permission to show my kids the qorld of possibilies. So when you define socialization for Homeshcool kids its really a large market and they go crazy having fun and making new connections and friends every day. 

So this past Thursday I packed up all my 5 kids and my mother inlaw joined us while we took a road trip from bassett Va to Atlanta Georgia. 

We had such a blast…the jouney is about 6 hour and 10min drive. We had the pleasure of being hosted by 2 amazing families. Aaron and Maria Bailey (which i have to show you picfures of my marcus and I newest Godson)..and we also stayed with Kevin and Naa Jamah Crump…they have a son who is probably the smartest almost 4yr old I have personally met. 

The older girls had so much fun and my boy had a brother to explore atlanat with. Thats Dylon who is Naa and Kevin’s little prince. 

I got to enjoy my Godson who is so cute I could not help but just love on him all weekend. Am so honored to be a part of baby Dutch life. 

Now we did a couple of growth explorations like qe visited the CNN studio which is amazing with some tricks they explained to us while we watch the news in our homes. We also visited the Martin Luther king mesuem, church and also his home. Such great experience that no text books can replace or even try too. Am grateful I have the awareness to be able to create these memories with my kids. 

Now let me share some pictures with you so you can really appreciate the fun we had…

Now am from Ghana and this is how we do lunch…when I arrived my friend Maria had ordered this kenkey and fish for me…I dont think I even sat down to eat…thanks Maria

Yeap  all about the food firs…that happens to be goat soup…which I was rasied on but have just decided to stay away from due to the long digestion process of meat…but I did drive 6 hours so I enjoyed every bit of this soup…lol…

And yeap…thats my Godson Dutch and my 2 angels right there…

Met up with our cousin Jzon…great seeing family 

Our fantastic host Kevin and Naa…and their prince Dylon…what a fun family to hang with…

Our cousin JP also came to hang with us…now that night will always be remembered with Aasha trying to retell a movie we watched called self/less

Right in front of Martin Luther King home…

The piano for peace which sits in front of the mesuem for Coretta King…Aasha and her mema enjoying it

History and great memories in the making 

Martin Luther King church 

The reflecting pool 

At the CNN center with my two buddies…Naa the left in the picture and Maria on the right

Family rocks…with Maria and Aaron…kevin and Naa, Erridina and her two handsome boys and our clan at the Cumberland mall…

Getting ready for the CNN tour 

My magnificent mother inlaw…

We just having some fun 

Our oldest

Older girls visit to Life University where their daddy went to chiropractic school

Same place their daddy stood for a picture

The whole clan 

The adjustment pose

2 more yrs before college…

Girls cuddling with their auntie Maria

CNN studio 

Just me and mine…he is my newest and cutie Dutch

Enjoying the CNN Studio tour

Our tour tickets 

Breakfast with Naa at her beautiful home

My adorable Dutch

Really had a great time and super grateful for all our family and love ones. 
Usa explorations continues


About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East heading to Asia...And on and on...

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