Ganesh Festival in India


There are about 300,000 gods in India but the primary god is called Ganesh. This time in india is considered Christmas celebrations.

The elephant head god is considered the god for success and peace and relaxation. It’s their biggest festival and its celebration across the city.

The Ganesh Festival goes on for 11 days. And they set up temple aeound the city with the gods inside and people goes every morning or evening to pray and make wishes and ask for sucess and life long peace.

On the last day all the gods (the elephant head god statue ) is taken to the nearest moving water like the ocean, river or lake and its a process called immersion (they basically bring all the gods around that neighbourhood and submerg it into the water and leave it there.

The gods are made out of clay and coconut shell and all organic so in a few days it decompose in the water. And this festival is celebrated every year around august – September depending on their Hindu calender.

It truly are experience that will last a life time…with the deep meaning of peace and love during this festival.

Our host in India (Gagal hospitality group) amazing team and super nice host came to our apartment and drove us all around the city enjoying this festival. With so many lights and people it makes such a great evening in Mumbai.

Oh and for laughs…india is the first country to invent the invisible traffic light…the traffic lights here are just for show…

Such an awesome evening and here are some pictures to share

Mumbai Exploration Continues…


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