Juhu, Bandra and the Arabian sea all in one night


And again our LLF’S helped us create another magnificent evening in Mumbai.

They scooped us up andin the car we laughed and sung all the way to Bandra…

We visited our Mary of the Mount (which is like st Mary) but since this one is near the sea and on a mountain they derive that name. It’s a beautiful original church built by the British.

So Bandra is for the rich and famous of Mumbai… now for me seeing that was a bit of a shock since it did not have the super fancy houses nor did the streets lights up with all the bling…

But what I loved was it was alive with people and the rushing sounds of the Arabian sea hitting the rocks makes it all famous for me.

We visited one of Indians famous actor whom I love but never new his name until today. And we got to take pictures infront of his home. Which we are not the only ones taking pictures infront of his house… apparently every year on his birthday hundreds of people gather infront of his house just to get a glimpse of him standing infront and just having a blast with his fans.. noe thats a sight I would have loved to see…but hey maybe our next trip to Mumbai will be around his birthday.

After our Bandra visit and some walks on the shores of the Arabian beach…we headed to the well known juhu beach…

First impression the beach was very filthy….my …we had a discussion how it could possobly be this dirty… but who are we judge.

The view with the beach lights and the lovely snack and food area makes it a must visit at night.

You can walk the beach or just bring you a beach mat and enjoy the vast nature of the Arabian Ocean…

We also got to taste lots of snacks…some did not go well for us but the already peeled tamarind was our fav… it was tasty and the sliced green apples…. now I think Indians loves snacking and that explains all the snacks they sell on the streets…and their huge sweats shops….

Am so grateful we met our new LLF’s as without them venturing out like that at night would have been a no no for me and kids and the trying of new foods…. at least until Marcus arrives.

Oh and my favorite part of the night was those tasty grilled chicken Tikka….it was a hit…tasty and juicer all in one.

What a great evening and pictures below…hope you enjoy scrowing up through the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Our night started off with some snacks…apply pie and some chicken pastry…

And that’s the famous actors home Shah Rukh Khan

And that’s him…shah Rhuh Khan

Inside our mount of Mary church

And outside the church they sell wax figures of things and you can buy some and take it to the opposite sight and offer it to a statue and make a wish for on what you desire….you can see i had a house…Destiny said her knees hurt from walking so she got two legs and our friend hot an airplane…so we took them up and made a wish for these matrial things to come true.

Our son making his wish…

And you can buy some colored candles and burn when you go up

View of the church

Our LLF making her wish…

The Arabian sea view from the church

When the Arabian sea is your back door and the front view is a famous actors home…

Sisters for life

They love the camera

I got a pose in

A fun night

Bringing usain Bolt to india

And they pose

Who run the world? Girls girls….

Ok thats a brain street food of some animal…

And the fun began…with this view

Ok this I have to try to explain…its egg white kind of boiled but it was just a bit weired and the middle part has grilled lamb… all I can say is we tasted it and that was all we could do…

Lamb in white sauce

That was our favorite…

Some street snacks….green sliced mango and some tamarind…really love them all

Destiny being silly acting like a blind person on the beach…

Juhu beach filled with people

Picture of the crew

A selfie is in order

After MJ almost got eaten by 4 beach dogs…we laughed and had to turn around….

And on this beautiful beach there are some guys sitting around with a basket of oils and you can get a neck and shoulder massage right there at the beach for 50 rupees which is about 85 cents.

We saw someone with their shirt off laying on a mat getting a massage…am not sure about the sand.

Snack time again….pan…this sweats wrapped in some green leaf…it was tasty minty flavoured.

Shaved icy….it was ok till they added the salt…and we all gave up on the idea…so without the salt is a great way to get sugar high.

Her first taste….she is like mommy can I get just chocolate ice cream…

All I can say….our nights in Mumbai are starting to be super awesome….

Mumbai Exploration Continues…..

About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East Africa....now heading to Asia...And on and on...

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