Largest water park in Asia


Yeap…we took that trip today. It was not far from our apartment. We got an auto to the ferry which then takes us to the island.

We are so grateful our LLF’s in india took us and helped us create such grrat memories. Now I asked why this was considered the largest water park in Asia….but I guess that answer is not on Google yet. Lol…

So for the past 25yrs essel world which is in the same area as the water park is park of the water park and its a interactive bird park. We did not do that since i told the kids all birds are birds so lets just do the water park. So essel world for the past 25yrs as been setting the benchmark for the parks in Asia.

We spent the whole day there from 10:30am till 6:30pm.

Here are a few pictures of our day….

Oh and am sure you are wondering why the kids are wearing tights….well not bikinis allowed and you pretty much have to cover up. They are so serious they actually have rental place you can rent tights and cover ups. And we saw people wearing dresses…i was in shock…

The entrance and they had a live band…

In the changing room…

Tickets cheaper to buy from the malls than at the location

Island ride

I was bikini ready but I had to get this swimsuit since bikinis not allowed

Yeap thats how she went to the water park..

They love the wave pool

The boat at the wave pool

So over all with a 98 degree Fahrenheit and a humid city the water park makes for a great adventure.

And the ticket for kids was $5 and adult was $7 So pretty great for a couple of times in a month. But to give my honest review it was nothing to brag about….

Am still grateful yo be able to have a day at the largest water park in Asia.

Mumbai Exploration Continues


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