Our first RV trip..Lynchburg, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC


Yes thats how the RV life seem to be unfolding…visiting cities and states in bulk.

What do we all love about the RV life already… it’s when we park our RV in our amazing friends home and we have them over for breakfast or lunch just beacuse.

We started our journey from bassett to Lynchburg va. We spent 2 nights at a camp ground and to be honest we had no clue what to expect..could you believe we did not evening have our water hose or sewage hose to use…lol…

We had to buy them at the RV campgrounds store

After 2 days of skiiing at the liberty snowflex we set off to Maryland and parked at Marcus friends home.

We set up our RV there…and we created magnificent memories that will most likely stay with both families for life .

I got to learn new ways to feed my family healthy nutritious meals. Am so grateful for our friends who teaches us this new ways of living through our daily eating.

We then drove to DC and got to tour the African American mesuem…it was so deep we had to go two days to get all. Will share some pictures below.

After our trip we had a very tasty and warm meal at Marcus friends home. It was so sweet for them to host us for lunch and share some knowledge with our kids.

We also got to spend our evening with a love ones in accockeek and got adjusted. Chiropractic family for life.

We also got to watch the movie wrinkle in time with our family friends and it was truly a fantastic movie to watch with love ones.

We did not stop there 2 days later we drove to Pennsylvania at the liberty skii resort.

We spent about 8 hours learning how yo skii and snowboard. It’s was super cold and windy but we enjoyed it all.

Marcus and kids where bold and went on the higher slopes snowboarding. I more comfortable skiing and with a couple of falls I think i got some moves.

We all enjoyed our journey so much…but I honestly think what makes our RV life extra exciting is our friends that we get to create and spend amazing memories with.

18 months of RV life is going to be epic.

Enjoy some of our pictures below

RV Explorations Continues….


About manns7worldtour

A Black Young Family Travelling around the world for 5yrs with 4 of their young kids. Father is a Chiropractor and mother homeschools their kids while on the road. They have done Southern Africa, Western Africa, East Africa....now heading to Asia...And on and on...

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