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IMAHKUS Gladeiola Adjoa-Mansa Manns


Karibu ( meaning welcome in Swahili)

I am super excited to be sharing my families journey with everyone.

I am 10yrs old and in 5th grade going to 6th. I am home schooled along with my siblings.

I love fashion and would love to model or be a superstar one day….:)

I am also a black belt in shotokan Karate. I love to be able to to defend myself at any point in time.

I am also a junior life saver and a CPR certified. So I am ready to dive in the water and save someone.

I just started Gymnastics with my sisters and its being so much fun. we do 1 hour of gymnastics and 30 minutes of Bikram Yoga 3 times a week.

Tomorrow my sisters and I will be participating in the millionaire chess tournament held right here in Nairobi Kenya.

I am super excited with our travels because am looking forward to making life long friends in each country we visit.

so that’s all about me for now

hope you come back to my page soon…I will share more on my journey