Trip to the 2nd Largest Slums in The World, Kibera Nairobi


On this day….coming from Ghana I thought we had slums…so I was not too excited about the journey ( I was under the impression that Kibera is like Nima, a community in Ghana).

The Journey started at the Java cafe at Junction Mall where we got to meet our host who was taking us there. Very fun and exciting lady she was.

She gave us some papers and asked that we learn a basic song that we can sing while visiting the place. So we did and it was interesting because the song was in Swahili language which my family and I have no idea how to even start a conversation with anyone.

So after the song learning moment we left and headed to Kibera, it was not very far from all the luxury apartments at all….It was a shocker to us how close the slums are from this nice places.

When we got there we had to be accompanied by an armed police officer ( now in Ghana you don’t have to have a armed officer accompany you to Nima ) So that was a weird feeling for us . And when I asked why they said because its not a safe environment for foreigners to be in.

So the journey began and we walked about 25 min to the exact location which was a school that has 500 kids for a building that I think should only have 50 kids. I was very sad and at the same time very grateful for my blessings.

while there our girls taught the kids at the school some basic self defense moves and also we got to speak and motivate them that this should not be their future….they must dream big and shoot for the sky.

One thing my family and I noticed was that this kids are happy and smiling all over the place and very content with their current situation.

Oh and most of this kids don’t have a home, their parents died and so the lady who opened the school has made it like a home. about 100 kids in a room, its the size of my 3 kids bedroom. It brought tears to our eyes and my girls got to see what life could be. But this children at the school are very grateful with the little they have. Also found out some of the kids have HIV and staying there is much better because they can be taking care of.

One of the ways the lady who opened the school is able to support the school was to train the older girls some sewing skills. And so all the kids uniforms are sewn in the school and also they have a small shop that they sell the things that they sew. So I decided to make a nice shopping day out of it. I bought a couple of African handmade skirts and also some bags.

After our tour around the small compound filled with so many lovely kids our host at the school had prepared some Kenyan dishes for us to have for lunch. Truly grateful for that.

It was a trip that we really enjoyed and will always remember.

If you do visit Nairobi please find a way to visit Kibera you will love the journey through the slums


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