First Chess Tournament For Manns Girls


It has really been a very great weekend.

Today after dropping kids off at their final day for the Millionaire chess tournament, Marcus and I met at Junction Mall at art cafe and had a very lovely breakfast.  I was able to pick up some breakfast ideas from Marcus. After sharing his thoughts on how I can spike up his breakfast….funny the universe decides to answer his prayers and when his breakfast came to our table it was exactly what he had wanted. The law of attraction….. it works so try it.

After our tasty breakfast we returned home while Marcus took and nap and I decided to just relax with MJ around the house.

At 3 pm we got a call from the kids that we can come and pick them up. So we went to KICC to pick them since today is their last chess tournament game. And they all did so well. For first timers in a tournament and also only being training less than 2 months. We all made them aware we are very proud of their achievement. pictures are below, girls with their Chess coach.

After we decided to treat the girls to a pizza date out. As a family we usually try not to eat out too much and pizza is not our first choice of meal to have. So today since they have done so so well we just decided to let them have Pizza which is every kids dream food right?

So we walked to a pizza place very close to KICC and had a tasty pizza and on our way to the restaurant we saw cold stone creamery…..yes that’s right… cold stone creamery all the way in  Nairobi Kenya East Africa…

So after dinner we went to the closing ceremony of the chess tournament and waited for the girls to get their certificate. It was very emotional for me with all the opportunities our kids are getting. And I was so proud of them.

After the closing ceremony we walked back to cold stone creamery and had some well deserved ice cream.

Then we returned home and the kids had only 20 min. to bath and write in their journal and get ready for a family movie night…..and what a better movie to watch than the new Annie movie.

A very beautiful day and an amazing weekend…..

See you back tomorrow

proud parents

proud parents and coach


our girls with their awesome Chess Coach.

our girls with their awesome Chess Coach.

chess imahkus

IMAHKUS certificate for participating in the chess tournament.

Destiny's Chess tournament certificate

Destiny’s Chess tournament certificate

Aasha's chess tournament certificate

Aasha’s chess tournament certificate


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