The Adventures of Applying for a Thai Visa



Woke up today with a zest to complete all visa forms for our Thailand visa.

So I called a taxi to take me to our friends house about 3 min away so I can print out all required forms to get our Visa.

Thailand Embassy requires almost all the same  documents required if you are applying for the visa from any country.

Passport, bank statement, flight itinerary, birth certificate, hotel confirmation in Thailand and KSH 4,000 ( that’s if you are applying while in Nairobi Kenya).

So as organized as I am, I had a brown envelope labeled with each of our names. ( Now remember for Americans you can enter Thailand without a visa if staying for less than 30 days, But if you are staying for more than 30 days then you must apply for your visa before arrival.  You can try to wait and apply for an extension but due to language barrier its advised that you apply while in your home country or before entry). In Nairobi it takes two days for your Thai visa to be issued if all the documents needed have been provided.

So while at my friends house was waiting on Marcus to download his Bank statement so I can add it to the forms and take it to the Thai embassy. But I guess America is still sleep….his bank account is not available at this moment…what a way to calm me down. I was all ready to complete all visa stuff today.

Well so all forms are filled out and just waiting on America bank to wake up so we can call them and get his bank statement downloaded and printed.

Below is how we roll when it comes to applying for our visa for any country we travel too that requires a visa.

I feel like I am becoming a visa applying agent. Learning all the ways to do it right when it comes to visa’s.


visa adventures all the way


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