Trip to Biscuit Mill was a hit for our family


I absolutely love to cook and try new dishes. So with our Travels I spend some of my time trying to find the street foods and the local markets as well as food festivals.

I had no idea Capetonians also love to taste different foods.

In Cape Town they have at least 3 different food fest every Saturday. That was my kind of weekend.

The one that I really enjoyed was the Biscuit Mill food market. It was fantastic and I was in my own world with this one.

Even if you don’t enjoy eating this one will definitely make your weekend. The kids and I arrived there around 9 am. We are told you must arrive early before it gets so packed you can’t even see your toes. And it was so true at 9 am when we got there it was already packed.

We went straight for the breakfast when we arrived. very tasty waffles made right in front of you with all your choices of fruits and whip cream.

After I gave the kids some money to go and food shop….its a safe environment for preteens to move around so I knew they where safe and I wanted them to explore at their own pace.

Later I walked around the place tasting and eating and just exploring.

They also had live music and you can sit on the floor and listen to it or just walk around to the beats of great music. The place is located in Woodstock and its a must visit place if you are in Cape Town.

We stayed there for about 4 hours. We had breakfast then walked around and shop and taste different dishes then had lunch and after that sat down to listen to some music.

It was definitely my kind of crowd and I enjoyed it so much. And it happens every single Saturday.

Enjoy some pictures below


Whats in here mommy?”


It’s Waffle time buddy


” are we suppose to eat all up?” LOL!!!


My kind of environment


Hurry up buddy am waiting to dig in…


seafood Paella was a hit….


Now the wait is over….let me start the next step..eating


Got to get a selfie for sure


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